Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scratch-&-Dent Grocery Stores

As the economy continues to struggle, so are most Americans.  Many of them have lost jobs and either struggle to find a new one or have to take a huge decrease in pay.  The usage of food stamps has risen to a huge amount.  Maybe some of you are experience job loss, but are scratching your head to figure out how to stretch that dollar in as many ways possible.

It doesn't matter what grocery store chain you walk through, the prices are through the roof.  Here are some links to Scratch-N-Dent stores located throughout the nation.  I hope these will be of some help.  Some people's pride might never let them walk into a place like this.  Trust me, they aren't as bad as it sounds.  All the Amish ones that I have been in are very clean and thoroughly organized.

The lists on these links are not up-to-date.  There are new stores in my area that have sprung up in the last year that are not listed.  Watch the free papers in your area.  That's how I learned of the new ones.  If you are a local.  One of the new stores is S & D Grocery on Ohio Street, Sebring, OH;  the 2nd one is on Paris Rd. in Louisville, OH.

Hope this helps some of you and will bring some relief to the paycheck :)

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