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The Tale of a True Story

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Long long ago, in a land where milk and honey flows...
A girl sets off to places unknown and to people unheard of all because that's what she had to do. It was not because she had been a bad girl.  It was not because mom and dad wanted her out of their hair.  It was because a knock had come to the door of her heart and pointed her in that direction.  Some people thought she was crazy - WHY would you go there?? You don't know anyone!!  Isn't such-n-such a place good enough for you??  Well quite frankly it was not; that was not the direction she had been told to go.  So off she went to the land where milk and honey flows.

She soon learned it was a very good thing she had come as a result of a knock on her heart's door, because this place was scary.  People actually smiled at her and appeared to be really happy that she was there.  Especially when she handed over her life's savings to them.  "Boy!! I sure hope I'm doing the right thing, I cleaned a lot of houses and ran a lot of errands to give all I earned to these strange and smiling people".  With a stack of papers that could have reached the top of Mt. Everest :P clutched in both arms, she found herself blindly making her way down the hall hoping to find the escape door before things got much worse. As she rounded the corner, because that was where the light from the other end of the tunnel was coming from,  she found herself sucking in her breath and clutching Mt. Everest a little tighter because she had just passed the worse death trap she'd ever seen. Heart pounding clear up in her ears and in her legs all at the same time she dared a look back to make sure she had not been just seeing things. WOW!!!

With legs full of jelly, she ran at record speeds down the steep hill and crashed head long into the door that led to her new home - a room so small that even the spiders got claustrophobia.  Relieved to having smiling people and two-legged death traps between her and a closed door, she once again started to breathe.  "God, I sure hope you didn't tell me to come here just to kill me, I can think of a lot easier ways to die".

The first two weeks were rather hard.  Voices from the past kept talking to her "Why?? You don't know anyone!"  Eventually she learned that people smile because they are nice and friendly.  But there was still that one unnerving problem, her near-death experience in the hall way. It could have been forgotten over time, but it moved around and seemed to be everywhere she turned.  What made it even worse was it's rudeness - it seemed to snicker and mock everything she said and did.  "Okay God, so maybe you didn't bring me here to kill me. My lesson to learn here must be in humility." 

The land flowing with milk and honey was a beautiful place.  It was set on top of a mountain which was at the base of another mountain (if you can figure that one out).  It kinda made you think of the Anasazi Indians who built their adobe homes on the side of a cliff. There was 3 levels to this campus - the sleeping and eating were at level 1, parking was on level 2, and learning was on level 3.  They put learning at the top so as to have wide awake students at 7:10 a.m.  Believe it, a mile walk up hill, carry heavy loads of knowledge will have you awake and ready to learn by the time you reach your seat.  It also made it easier on the teachers to roll their sleeping students out the door and down the hill when class was over. Yes, the high you got climbing up the mountain caused you to crash at about 7:30 a.m.

In general life here was sweet.  Life long and not-so lifelong friendships were made.  Living in a dorm full of girls created it's own story. Or was it a nightmare! :)  The learning experience stretched the brain so far that pink elephants became a reality.  The spiritual atmosphere that produced spiritual growth was to become a time looked at with the fondest of memories. Tears, laughter, happiness, and serious annoyance was all a part of living in this beautiful place that she learned to call "home". 

The most annoyance coming from that one, rude person.  She struggled day and night over em, never quite sure if she wanted to really except em or kill em.  Every time she thought she'd cleared her head there they were smiling, laughing, teasing.  Which caused her insides to churn and her heart to do weird things. Instantly her head would turn to mush and her heart would develop heart murmur like symptoms. 

Long conversations with mom on the telephone took place discussing this problem.  Of which neither one ever knew what to do about it.  Mom would offer comforting words such as "Only time will straighten em out and bring em around to your way of thinking."  "Just let me get my hands on that knuckle-head."  Every now and then her younger brother would answer the phone and ask "so sis, how's so-n-so?" Her response was always "you don't want to know."

This trouble maker turned her into an aggressive sleuth.  Secretly, or so she thought, she would ask questions to her closest of allies.  Only to develop a stinking suspicion that they had been hired for the job as well by her opponent.  "That chiseler, I'll get em yet"!!!  But not without a lot of tears, sweat, and blood.  The DOS, of all people, was the one to jump into the battle and help catch em in their crime and to reel em in. 

He came kicking and screaming - WAIT WAIT!!  I got to make a phone call first.  "What in tarnation are you talking about?"  "You are guilty and you know it, no phone call is going to get you off this hook."  "Please" he demanded, "I've got a phone call I need to make."  Her heart had once again started having those heart murmur symptoms and she caved. "What's it going to hurt to let him have his way, I don't have the heart to say no."  

The phone call was made.  But she had to wait until the next day to hear the results.  History of Civ II class never seemed so long in coming.  She walked into the door her heart pounding once again in 2 different places.  She managed to make her way to an empty seat and proceeded to demand what the answer had been from his accomplice.  "The answer is no."  Her heart that had previously been in 2 locations dropped permanently in her feet.  Her best ally was nearby and proceeded to do the job she'd not been paid to do - the trouble maker suddenly had his own near-death experience.  Upon the completion of swallowing her tongue and finding her voice somewhere hidden behind a mysterious lump, she demanded the why.  "He said you were too old and I was too young".  Once again her ally did her job at which finally worked.  We quickly learned that Mr. Troublemaker was a good wanna-be comedian.  The torture was too much, and he succumbed to telling the truth.  The answer had never been no but rather a yes :)

(Sorry for the blur)
Thank you Mr. Troublemaker, aka Reuben Z. for coming over to my way of thinking :)  For me it was love at first sight. It was pure torture that you were a little slow :P  Being your girl for 13 years now has been a whirlwind experience. Just when I think my feet are going to touch ground another tornado comes and sweeps me back up.  I'm glad God took me away from the familiar to the land of unknowns so that I could find you :)  You are a dream come true!!!

I love you tootsipop!!!

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