Friday, June 28, 2013

My Day in Amish Land

Since I was feeling the stress of life as a Mom to 4 while Mr. Z is trucking over the road, he told me I was to have the day to myself. Go and do whatever I wanted. Since he's not a fan of Amish country I knew that this was my opportunity to go shop my kind of stores. I must say, I really enjoyed myself.
Since it was just me and I'm trying to stay away from sweet tea for awhile, I got a small bottle of my favorite water. I don't do other bottled water, tastes like plastic. This stuff tastes like silk! Good way to start my day :)
After an hour and 20 min. drive through hills and valleys (forgot Ohio had those) I came to my first stop. I was all excited about this place but ended up being kinda disappointed. There was no vendors outside today and it didn't have a lot inside that really appealed to me. Did find a few primitive pieces here.
Looks like something you'd see in Arizona :) I should have stopped, it looked up my ally.
This store quickly got on my repeat list if I'm ever back this way. Loaded with lots of country/primitive goodies. Pricey but fun!
They had oodles of yard art!
Jam packed on both sides of the walk way.
Aren't these adorable?! They are made of cinder blocks. Tons of them. They are for fairy gardens. I must not get around much because I was amazed at all the fairy garden décor these places all seemed to be selling. 
The Country Gatherings store had a little garden shed where they have it stocked with all things garden décor. I took this from the side door of the shed. Lots more garden art. Love Love Love the bee skeps.
This shed was pack clear to the rafters. I love this place :)
From here on out some of my pictures have a blur. I must of been in too big of a hurry. haha Not sure why!!
Fun stuff!
Out in front of the store they had unique water fountains like this everywhere. It was very peaceful to walk through.
This book was absolute eye candy if you like to look at pictures of yesteryear's home décor.
Some of these sayings I really liked! Of course I found oodles of them that I thought would look cute tucked here and there but I left them there :)
When you walk in the door of Country Gatherings you are hit with the aroma of home baked goods. Albeit, in the form of candles. I smelled till I think I gave myself a headache. haha Lemon Curd was by far my favorite. Which surprised me cause it sounds quite nasty.
This was too fun - I had to snap a picture :)
I loved this rock. Of course they had to put the price tag on the bottom. Kinda silly since it weighed a ton.
This was in a different store. It was a neat thing - water fall on the bottom and flames in the circle. Ugly as all get out - too modern for this chick. But interesting anyhow.
I really really liked this one. This is what America is supposed to be about!!
I did walk through the Antique Mall for a few feet. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere but I don't get these places. It's nothing but over priced yard sale items.
This store has also been added to my repeat list. Tons of Billy Jacobs artwork. Which had me drooling. ha ha
Not sure where I'd put it but once we move and get settled into a new place I'll find a way :) Maybe over the piano!
They also had garden sheds.
These cloches are too sweet.  So much eye candy-these little shops were the therapy I needed.
Thanks Sweetheart for telling me to GO!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes, I spent too much $$. And now I'm ready to get back to work :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Junkin More Loot :)

It dawned on me this evening that I haven't posted any of my latest yard sale bargains on here. Some might think it odd that I even write this stuff, but I always get excited when I see what other people find at great bargains. So if you aren't like me and don't care I'll forgive you :) 

This pile is some of the things I found today. Our local school hosted their annual community yard sale and we made it a family outing. Yep, we are awesome like that :P  The sun was scorching hot and sale was in the parking lot so you can just imagine the sweat and fun we had.  But it was worth it!!
I paid $1 for this. It had it's original price tag on the back which was $16.00. It's pretty and it's exactly what I have in mind for future use but I cannot image ever paying $16.00. I'm glad someone else did cause it saved me :)
My patriotic sentiments exactly. Love the rusty star dangling inside the cutout. $1.00
I have a thing for stars. This looks twiggy but it metal. $1.00
Heritage Lace curtains for my future project. 2 of them $5.00.
A galvanized milk bucket. Don't ya just love it?  I DO!!! $1.00
Unless you are into shabby, chippy you might not appreciate this beauty. I was totally excited when I saw this. $2.00  Future project :)
An up-close look at some of the detail. It makes my heart go pitter-patter. haha
Probably the biggest find of the day was a foose ball table that is also an air hockey table for $25.00. We have all been having fun with the air hockey - I even managed to beat Mr. Z a couple of times. Although he'd probably say I was cheating :P
The day was fun and very productive. I really need to find a bigger house soon though I'm running out of room :P Have a great night and I trust tomorrow finds you in the Lord's house with expectancy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

What God wants from Me & You!

"What makes you think I want all your sacrifices? says the Lord. I am sick of your burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fattened cattle. I get no pleasure from the blood of bulls and lambs and goats."  Isaiah 1:11
Sadly, I know a gazillion people who would look at the above verse and start pointing fingers and saying "yep, that perfectly describes that church over there" or "that's the kinda church I grew up in" or "hypocrisy is in every church that's why I just stay home".  And a host of other finger pointing. 
Finger pointing is always the result of an inner problem with the one pointing. And it will never make one more spiritual to point out the flaws of others. I've always found it ironic that people who bee bop from one church to another trying to find "perfect" people are never satisfied. Well, by George, when will they ever learn that where there's people there is flaws - just look in the mirror :) There is always something wrong - the preacher is boring or he's too long winded, no one even seems to know I'm here, that church is all about outward appearance..., that person testifies every single service I wish they'd stop being so happy,  land sakes alive he read from something other than King James Version :), the old hymns are boring and totally archaic, if you don't have a worship team jamming than you just aren't up to par, and on and on the flaws go.
After awhile the bitterness either drives one from the church completely or they are the sour, grape face sitting in the pew every service.  Why? Because somewhere along the way we got our thinking of what to expect in and from "worship" all wrong.  And God is looking down on us saying the same thing as He did the Israelites - "What makes you think I want all your sacrifices?"  Attending a church that matches up to our ideals because after all it is so worshipful the way they do things here is not the "sacrifice" God wants. In fact, it doesn't start with any church! Nor does it start at home around the family alter. But rather it starts in ones personal heart and in our personal devotions. God wants a love sacrifice, a relationship between you and Him.  When we are worshiping God on a personal level our heart becomes adjusted into proper place and our ideals of church takes on new meaning.  The finger pointing stops, the sour grape face is replaced with the sunshine of Heaven, and our souls are at peace.
Does the peace and oneness with God make the flaws and annoyingness of people go away like magic?  NO!! because we are still on this side of Heaven :)  But God will give grace and wisdom and more peace. Most importantly, He will be pleased with us!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

1 Year Anniversary = Free Blog Give Away

I guess I've been having so much fun with this Blogging thing that my 1 year anniversary flew by without me realizing it. I'd blogged before, but a year and one month ago I started this blog for different reasons. Several of the blogs I enjoy reading seem to have a main focus which varies from home decorating to homesteading/self sufficient. Those people impress me - their blogs are beautiful, you can pretty much be sure that with every post you are going to be inspired, they challenge me.  I really thought a 'main focus' blog was the most professional way to do things. I wanted to be like them :)  Guess what?!? I'm not!! Hard as I try I just can't focus on just one certain topic. I bounce around to a multitude of topics. It's whatever happens to strike my writing fancy whether it be a kids story, gardening, thrifting, etc... You could almost say I'm your one stop kind of a blog, a General Store so to speak. haha

Being a visual person, one thing you can be sure of,  I love using pictures in my post and try to use them every time. I try to post on a regular basis but some days words just don't come to me. Several people have put me to the challenge of writing a book so now I'm learning to keep both writing areas balanced. Blogging seems so natural and I want to gravitate to it. It's a good learning and growing experience to say the least.

So to celebrate my 1 year of blogging here at The Zeigler's Homestead I am doing a free give-away. It does require a little tiny bit of effort on your part to enter the drawing so listen close :) You are to leave a comment on this post!! Did you catch that?? Let me act like a preacher here and repeat myself :P -  you are to leave a comment on this post!!  And in exactly 2 weeks which happens to be July 4th (already) I will announce the winner. 

You are probably thinking okay what is the freebie that we are commenting for. Here it is:
One of my very own hand painted Coffee signs. FYI: it probably won't turn out exactly like this one because I'm never guaranteed the same wood grain as this one. It's painted on an old piece of pallet wood which might include knots, rusty nails, and/or natural holes. It's a fun sign that has been very popular for me on Etsy. Now you have a chance to get it for free :)
So be sure to leave a comment before leaving today because you will forget if you don't. :)  Thanks for stopping on by it's what keeps me coming back to post more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Sandy Shore of Lake Erie

The hot sand on my feet, the "sea" air on my face, and the sound of the waves crashing onto shore is one of the most relaxing experiences. I thrill to just sit with eyes closed and let the warmth of sun and sound of water bathe my soul.
We took a mini vacation this past weekend to the shores of Lake Erie. The cold, rainy nights were much to be desired but everything else was worth it. I love coming here. Most people travel hundreds of miles to visit the ocean. I'm glad I don't feel the need to do that for pretty much the same experience. Living 1.5 hours from one of the Great Lakes truly is a blessing.

There is quite a bit to do in the area, lots of neat attractions. This time we stuck to one of the harbors and fished. This picture is of a huge kite that some people were flying. I took this picture when the person decided to let it sail them out onto the water.

Mr. Z. would probably say he was fishing for a particular type of fish which was probably perch, of which we were unsuccessful. I, on the other hand, was fishing for whatever would bite. haha Small Mouth Bass seemed to be the only fish that live in this lake :)  They were fun as long as they weren't breaking my line :(

Fascinating giants that seem to be popping up everywhere these days. This one was on the harbor.

This is how we ate all weekend minus Father's Day-I cooked that day. Mr. Z. man-handled the cooking the rest of the time and let me tell you, that guy is awesome :)  What you see here is burgers wrapped in bacon, green peppers, and in the foil was onions being cooked to perfection.

Our view from where we ate the above meal. The day was perfectly beautiful! It was fun and much needed to get away for a few days and enjoy the sandy shores of Lake Erie.

Trust your week is a good one filled with many blessings.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink Fishing Rod &

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment"
Jane Austin

The kids have all gone to bed at 8o'clock since they were babies. Some have thought me crazy, but I say parent's sanity and a happy marriage is more important than kiddies having no rules in their life. Mr. Z and I love our evenings today-its bonding time.  We don't even have to be saying much to each other, simply sitting in the same room, just being together with NO interruptions is enough for us.
When he's gone during the week I bond with Pinterest. haha I love that site. It's like having an endless magazine of nothing but pictures (no ads). I usually scroll down through my news-feed and then I'm off for some gardening and home decor inspiration (my favorites).

While putting the mower away this evening I noticed that our big rose bush is budding. Of course I had to grab my camera :) Can you smell them?! Hmm so good!!
I need to spray them-bugs are having a festival on the leaves.

My favorite lawn chair is the Adirondack chair. Not only is it country classy looking but it is comfy. You sit down, you lean back, close your eyes, & wish you could sleep. :)
Mr. Z has been saying (or did I ask) he was going to make me some. WELL!! When I saw these at Walmart for less price than the wood would cost I said forget that idea and loaded 2 onto my cart. We vacationed several moons ago on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks of New York. They had these chairs everywhere and that is when I feel in love. I've been wanting one ever since. I'm happy happy!!

Today while talking with my best friend aka Mr. Z on the telephone my oldest comes carrying a big box into the house. I inform Mr. Z his big box arrived and he anxiously tells me to OPEN it :) This is what was inside. 
"It's for you" he says. Just because!! What a guy!!
Now I have NO excuse not to go fishing with him :) How could I not with a rod like this! He knows how to make his girl smile :) :)

That's all for tonight. Hope you have found some time to put your feet up and relax. 
Enjoy life, its not all about work and stress. Work has it's place, but make sure that's not all you do especially if you have a family that needs loved on.



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