Thursday, June 20, 2013

1 Year Anniversary = Free Blog Give Away

I guess I've been having so much fun with this Blogging thing that my 1 year anniversary flew by without me realizing it. I'd blogged before, but a year and one month ago I started this blog for different reasons. Several of the blogs I enjoy reading seem to have a main focus which varies from home decorating to homesteading/self sufficient. Those people impress me - their blogs are beautiful, you can pretty much be sure that with every post you are going to be inspired, they challenge me.  I really thought a 'main focus' blog was the most professional way to do things. I wanted to be like them :)  Guess what?!? I'm not!! Hard as I try I just can't focus on just one certain topic. I bounce around to a multitude of topics. It's whatever happens to strike my writing fancy whether it be a kids story, gardening, thrifting, etc... You could almost say I'm your one stop kind of a blog, a General Store so to speak. haha

Being a visual person, one thing you can be sure of,  I love using pictures in my post and try to use them every time. I try to post on a regular basis but some days words just don't come to me. Several people have put me to the challenge of writing a book so now I'm learning to keep both writing areas balanced. Blogging seems so natural and I want to gravitate to it. It's a good learning and growing experience to say the least.

So to celebrate my 1 year of blogging here at The Zeigler's Homestead I am doing a free give-away. It does require a little tiny bit of effort on your part to enter the drawing so listen close :) You are to leave a comment on this post!! Did you catch that?? Let me act like a preacher here and repeat myself :P -  you are to leave a comment on this post!!  And in exactly 2 weeks which happens to be July 4th (already) I will announce the winner. 

You are probably thinking okay what is the freebie that we are commenting for. Here it is:
One of my very own hand painted Coffee signs. FYI: it probably won't turn out exactly like this one because I'm never guaranteed the same wood grain as this one. It's painted on an old piece of pallet wood which might include knots, rusty nails, and/or natural holes. It's a fun sign that has been very popular for me on Etsy. Now you have a chance to get it for free :)
So be sure to leave a comment before leaving today because you will forget if you don't. :)  Thanks for stopping on by it's what keeps me coming back to post more.


  1. This would go great in my kitchen :)

  2. Pick me! Pick me!! :-) lol. I do enjoy reading your blogs! Keep'm coming!

  3. This is Kayla... Love your blog-love the sign. You are so talented.


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