Friday, June 28, 2013

My Day in Amish Land

Since I was feeling the stress of life as a Mom to 4 while Mr. Z is trucking over the road, he told me I was to have the day to myself. Go and do whatever I wanted. Since he's not a fan of Amish country I knew that this was my opportunity to go shop my kind of stores. I must say, I really enjoyed myself.
Since it was just me and I'm trying to stay away from sweet tea for awhile, I got a small bottle of my favorite water. I don't do other bottled water, tastes like plastic. This stuff tastes like silk! Good way to start my day :)
After an hour and 20 min. drive through hills and valleys (forgot Ohio had those) I came to my first stop. I was all excited about this place but ended up being kinda disappointed. There was no vendors outside today and it didn't have a lot inside that really appealed to me. Did find a few primitive pieces here.
Looks like something you'd see in Arizona :) I should have stopped, it looked up my ally.
This store quickly got on my repeat list if I'm ever back this way. Loaded with lots of country/primitive goodies. Pricey but fun!
They had oodles of yard art!
Jam packed on both sides of the walk way.
Aren't these adorable?! They are made of cinder blocks. Tons of them. They are for fairy gardens. I must not get around much because I was amazed at all the fairy garden décor these places all seemed to be selling. 
The Country Gatherings store had a little garden shed where they have it stocked with all things garden décor. I took this from the side door of the shed. Lots more garden art. Love Love Love the bee skeps.
This shed was pack clear to the rafters. I love this place :)
From here on out some of my pictures have a blur. I must of been in too big of a hurry. haha Not sure why!!
Fun stuff!
Out in front of the store they had unique water fountains like this everywhere. It was very peaceful to walk through.
This book was absolute eye candy if you like to look at pictures of yesteryear's home décor.
Some of these sayings I really liked! Of course I found oodles of them that I thought would look cute tucked here and there but I left them there :)
When you walk in the door of Country Gatherings you are hit with the aroma of home baked goods. Albeit, in the form of candles. I smelled till I think I gave myself a headache. haha Lemon Curd was by far my favorite. Which surprised me cause it sounds quite nasty.
This was too fun - I had to snap a picture :)
I loved this rock. Of course they had to put the price tag on the bottom. Kinda silly since it weighed a ton.
This was in a different store. It was a neat thing - water fall on the bottom and flames in the circle. Ugly as all get out - too modern for this chick. But interesting anyhow.
I really really liked this one. This is what America is supposed to be about!!
I did walk through the Antique Mall for a few feet. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere but I don't get these places. It's nothing but over priced yard sale items.
This store has also been added to my repeat list. Tons of Billy Jacobs artwork. Which had me drooling. ha ha
Not sure where I'd put it but once we move and get settled into a new place I'll find a way :) Maybe over the piano!
They also had garden sheds.
These cloches are too sweet.  So much eye candy-these little shops were the therapy I needed.
Thanks Sweetheart for telling me to GO!! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes, I spent too much $$. And now I'm ready to get back to work :)


  1. The only thing you missed today was a stop by our place!!! Smile! ~Sharon

    1. Oh my!! I wanted to do something more than shop. I will have to find out just where you are for the next time.


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