Monday, June 3, 2013

Roses & Peonies

Come, walk with me around the yard or will it be memory lane

I don't have much for "Grandma's house" memories but I like to imagine. Peonies are a spring flower that can be found amongst the landscape of every farmhouse and probably any old house for that matter. They are beautiful and are among some of my favorites. This year they are blooming just like I always wanted.
This was taken at dusk and as you can see compared to the next picture they go to sleep every night.
The next day in the bright son-light it is bright eyed and bushy tailed :)
I don't recall my Mom ever growing Peonies. Not sure why she didn't. She has the greenest thumb I know and seemed to grow everything.
Do Peonies take you back to yesteryear? I'm a country girl through and through. So my mind always wanders to the farmhouse where they grow along the path to the well or out in the middle of no-where in-between the house and the garden.

One of the things my Mom did grow by the yard full was Roses. She had every type of rose on the market - tea rose, old English rose, red, yellow, coral, pink, and who knows what else.  These roses are cascading over our fence and their aroma is beautiful.
"Take time to stop & smell the roses"

For many of you roses have been blooming for quite awhile. They are just getting started here.
Their bright buds are a delight to any gardener. And I'm pretty sure they could be found in your Grandma's garden and your mom's. Roses are the romance of every garden.
They come in so many colors and sizes. Because I love them it's hard to have a "favorite".
Even in their beauty, sometimes they can evoke thoughtful sadness - roses from Troy & Hailey's caskets.
I got the bright idea some time ago to dry and save all the roses from Mr. Z to be used at our little girl's wedding. Here's the latest batch (from Mother's Day). Inside is roses from several Valentine's ago or was it our Anniversary. Oh brother, I can't remember. LOL

Well need to get off here, people come in 30 minutes to look at the house. Here's keeping everything crosses hoping they will be the ones :)  Have a wonderful week!!




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  1. My grandfather grew peonies so I always think of him when I see them.
    Farmhouse hugs,


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