Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diapers & Other Treasures :-)

Back in the spring I did a post on the red geraniums I planted over top of a disposable diaper. An idea I found on Pinterest.  I thought you might like to see how those geraniums are doing compared to the geraniums planted without a diaper.
This is them right after planting them

This is them now. They have exploded and done extremely well

The next picture is of the pink geraniums I purchased in a hanging basket. I left it in the hanger. It started out really full and beautiful. It was so green and lush.

If you look close you can see it has lost a lot of it's green lushness. I have watered it the same as the red geraniums - giving them miracle gro once a week. I think I'll be buying disposable diapers long after my kids are all out of them :-)  At least 1 pack should last a LONG time!!

Now on to other things :-)

I thought some of you might like to see a few of my Holmes County purchases. 
I so love all this fresh greenery. Not totally sure but this might be the spirea spray. The stores were loaded this with stuff and it was such a nice new take from ivy. I love birds and these 2 sweeties called my name :-)
Check out that candle - it is battery operated on a timer - it flickers and looks completely real. I turn it on for our home showings :-) Yes I like to tug at the hearts of these strangers walking through my house! ha ha

I absolutely LOVE these mason jar candle holders. Don't they make your heart smile. The taper candle is also battery operated on a timer and it flickers too. Needless to say, my piano is a very cozy part of our living room. I purchase the LOVE block in Holmes at Kaufmans. It's a good reminder.

What I did not mention in my 1st Holmes post was that my 1st shopping stop was at a yard sale. I got the lace you see in this picture at the sale as well as those clay pots in the background. I love how what seems like random purchases flow together with the rest of what you bought. I did find a little country church picture I felt like I could buy without the guilt of it's price tag :-). It fits perfect with the "The Lord is my Shepherd" Home Interiors picture I have hanging on the wall above all this.  All the greenery here came from Holmes. I love this stuff and plan to buy more when I have the chance. It adds "real" life to a room while keeping a fresh, clean look.

Call me weird but I have a thing for lanterns - don't know why. I found this in the huge craft store in Holmes. It's fun to be creative and to think outside the box with this stuff. If you have OCD and it bothers you that the door is open.... Well just be glad you don't have to deal with my house all the time cause most things never look the way they were probably intended to. :-)

My bargain nose sniffed out this big guy! He was marked 50% off which made this chicken lover VERY happy.  My heart did a giddy dance when I first saw him but figured he couldn't be mine since he probably cost an arm and a leg. Well he only cost my big toe. LOL  For now he stands proudly in the corner of my dining room. His name is Rancher Roo and some day you might read about him cause he's in my book "Peace Comes to the Last Frontier".

Last but not least I purchased some fish to let my sweet, Mr. Z that I thought of him the whole time. These are hand carved from wood and hang on a rope stringer.

That's all for this time around. Yes, it's been awhile - I'm still here. But I just got a call and need to vacate the premises in 1.5 hrs. YIKES!! 

Have a great evening y'all!!


  1. So pretty! All of it, you have quite the knack for decorating!

  2. Love, love, love geraniums! Mine sure don't look like yours! Great finds, too!


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