Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where we are headed

I thought I would fill you in on our moving process to let you know that we have not fallen off the face of the earth :) As most of you know we sold our house
Because we took too long to find another house and we had to vacate the old house 5 days after closing we have been living in a 2 bedroom apartment until we close on the new-to-us house. I am grateful to have a place to stay that is very close to the school but its far from home, we are all very much looking forward to having this experience behind us.

This is where we are heading to.
I must tell you. This is the very first house we went and looked at right after we got a contract on the old house. But we kicked and screamed (not really) and dragged our feet coming to terms with this place. It's a beautiful, old house. But it is surrounded by these things called neighbors. EEEK!! Where we just came from we did not have those. What do you do with them. Even though we like to be around people and love hanging out with our friends and enjoy a good game of corn-hole like everyone else; we are a bit of hermits when it comes to neighbors. haha 

So we continued to look but there was NOTHING!! We knew we needed to make a decision because it was coming down that we were already running out of time to close simultaneously on both houses. Which is what we had really wanted to do because we didn't want to live out of boxes temporarily. We both decided to go for this house. Location wise, it really is perfect. It's less than 2 miles from school/church. Our savings in gas was going to be huge. It might not be our dream setting, but since making a mutual agreement the place has really really grown on us.
It really is a charming place that does have a little more land with it than what we did have so we are gaining all the way around with this place. Even if some of that gain is neighbors :-)  The original owner, the man who built it and lived here for most of its existence, was a doctor and he had many similar interest. For example the back yard is totally private. The trees, shrubs create a private paradise. The property is full of deer trails and lots of dropping under the old crab apple. 
Back yard taken from the patio.
This huge picture window is in the living room and gives us a wide open view of the back yard (above). Looking forward to seeing what all deer come to visit.
This huge bay is the dining room.
Up-close. I love this window! It makes me think of an English cottage which speaks to my English blood :-) and the shrub directly in front of it is similar to a Mountain Laurel which speaks to our Pennsylvania roots :-)

A tree lined driveway - pretty cozy if you ask us. It's as close to living in the woods as it's going to get. It makes us smile.

Mr. Z's man cave as he calls it. I love the screen door. One more thing that makes me smile.

Part of my cave :-) I love the shape of the ceiling in here. Gives it that cottage feel.

Standing in kitchen looking at the back door. The door the left is the master bedroom.

The master bedroom.

This chandelier is another thing that makes me smile. It hangs in the dining room.
Inside view of dining room with it's huge bay. I'm going to feel it with real Ivy that can be located all over the property.

Bad picture. But this is another small detail that has me smiling. All the inside doors have clear, glass knobs.

Front entry.

The other side of the living room. Hard to get a good picture because of the bright sun streaming in. We are looking forward to cozy evenings around a real fire.

That's all the sneak peaks for now. But this should give you a good idea of where we are headed. We can't wait!!

Take care!!  


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