Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Zeigler 2013 Christmas

Good Evening!
When we moved into our house the end of October I honestly couldn't stand the thought of decorating for Christmas. As far as I was concerned, a simple tree would do the job for this year. But as it does every year, motivation struck sometime around Thanksgiving.  I'm sure my kids are glad!!
Today I went around with my real camera, not the phone camera, and took some pictures to share with you. I love details; details are what take words and make a story, details are what makes a few lyrics a song, details are the little things that always have big impacts. So come along and take a close up look at the details in our Christmas. 
I find myself really getting into the idea of having more than 1 tree in the house. This year we have 3. This little Gingerbread tree sits by the back door to greet all our guests. 
This friendly feller will greet you from the outside. He makes me 
smile :-)

I didn't do the volume in my kitchen that I used to do. My snowman on slate and a pine sprig is the only thing.
The dining room turned out to be my favorite room as far as Christmas decor goes. I am a snowman lover. They seem to be the thing that always catch my eye in a store or at a yard sale. The dining room is a winter wonderland.
Lanterns filled with sparkly, red ornaments light your way to a festive meal around the table.

Kid gloves lay nearby in case you need to warm your hands from the chill.
My beloved Roo :-)
One of the 3 trees is in the dining room and it is nothing but snowmen. It's my favorite!
A key ingredient to a good Christmas!
Patches - my favorite snowman!
I have a china hutch that pretty much has everything but china in it.  Simply because I don't want just any dish. Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" is my dream china. So until I can find them at a price I can pay or find something else that speaks to my heart my hutch remains china-less, except at Christmas time. About 3 years ago I was in a thrift store and found just a few of these. 
They are a "Victorian Christmas" by Churchill. I have not found anymore but I keep my eyes peeled. I would love to find everything.
They look pink in this picture, but they are a pretty red.

Trimming the real tree...
The colors on this tree are red, gold, and chocolate brown. I love it!
Tucked among the branches - a cute, furry tailed critter. All the way from Arizona.
The reason for it all!!
The animals rest nearby...
And that concludes my tour.  I trust that amidst the almost ridiculous craziness that this time of year tends to bring that you will take a moment to look around you and enjoy the details. Especially, the details found in the Christmas story, for that is where you will find calmness and peace for your soul.

Merry Christmas from this Zeigler clan!! 

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  1. What a fun tour! I enjoyed seeing your Christmas home--feeling a warmth from the decorating...and joy from the reason of it all!

  2. Your Christmas Home is beautiful, inviting and so cozy. It just says welcome with every pic. You have so many darling décor ideas. Wishing you a wonderful week up to Christmas.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. What a charming home you have. I love your Patches snowman; he's a cutie, and I love the Victorian Christmas plates too. I adore red transferware! Of course, the nativity says it all. A lovely and welcoming post. Thank you for sharing with my HOME for the Holidays and have a joyous holiday season.

    Christmas blessings,


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