Monday, May 5, 2014

Just Puttering

I am most contented when I can just putter around my house. That is what I did today, puttered. Many people despise Mondays because it means back to work. I, on the hand, love them. Weekends wear me out with the extra running around, going here and there, etc. Monday is when I catch my breathe.
My day took on a much brighter turn when I received a phone call from a dear friend whom I had not talked with in 4 years. Not because we didn't want to, we simply lost touch after moving away and our paths never crossed. While I was a young and very in-experienced pastor's wife this sweet lady became my mentor. I loved working side by side her in the kitchen making a meal together and listen to her stories and advice. So to hear her voice on the other end of the line today really lifted my spirits.
The other day I was telling my kids I wanted to make violet jelly. HUH?! Yep! You heard correctly :-)  Well wouldn't you know but 1 of my boys came home from school and quietly asks "how many cups of those little purple flowers did you say you needed?" Then proceeded to open his lunch back and said "because I picked you some today." 4 cups - it was the exact amount I needed! What a sweetheart!
So pretty and they matched my bowl so nicely :-)
Warning! Do not strain the steeped violets with a rag you don't want stained a pretty blue :-)
Not really the color you was expecting was it? 4 cups of flowers will give you 6 pints of jelly. A new experience for me making violet jelly. But it's been fun to putter with it.
Recently Mr. Z built me a much needed shelf for the guest/kid's bathroom. I painted and stained it. Well today I finally puttered around and got it hung up which made me continue to putter around in this bathroom which is always fun. Decorating and changing and sprucing always make me happy.
I moved my funny sign over here which makes more since because this is the side of the bathroom that the toilet paper is located. ha ha The star had not been in here so I added it.
The cheerful flowers in a cheerful metal pail was added to the heart hook.
Lastly I added the cedar outhouse lamp Mr. Z built back in the winter. It's ambiance adds lots of warm charm to the room. I love how the room looks and feels after my puttering that I just might have to use those bathroom to enjoy it. ha ha
Lastly I puttered a little more in the kitchen and made some very yummy raspberry bars. All this besides a hamper load of laundry, empting the joy trap under the kitchen sink, and doing dishes this has been my day.
The week looks promising to being warm and sunshine. I hope so cause I want to go putter in the yard.
Have a great evening and may your week experience at least 1 blessing.


  1. Looks like you had a very profitable day puttering :) I have never heard of violet jelly, that is very interesting, I'll have to look it up. I had a visit today from a Pastors wife today too, she really lifted my spirits. Enjoyed your lovely pictures!

    1. Thanks for visiting. I found the recipe for the violet jelly on Pinterest. I was going to include the link in my post and forgot to actually do it :-)
      Here is the link:

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Blogging is good for me, keeps me moving and keeps me wanting to be creative. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day. I love days like this too and I also love Mondays. The fresh start to a new week and back to routines is a joy to me. You sure accomplished a lot and your home looks so pretty and inviting. I have never heard of violet jelly but it sounds delicious. How sweet of you son to bring you the exact amount you needed. What a memory maker that is.
    You mentioned living near by to have some fun painting together. I wish you did, we would have a great time!!
    Wishing you a great mid week.

  4. Puttering and putzing around the house are the best! I did that yesterday and filled in a wall that had previously been blank. It was so nice to walk out of my room this morning and see "stuff" where there hadn't been anything before. Oh, and I'm SO curious to know what in the world violet jelly tastes like!

    1. Thanks for your visit!
      The violet jelly is very strong and reminded us too much of medicine. The recipe said to steep the flowers for 2 hours - I'm wondering if that's too long. I hesitate to keep trying cause it takes a lot of flowers. Just not the same as berry pickin. ;-)


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