Sunday, May 11, 2014

Meet My Mommy!!

If I get sentimental on Mother's Day it has nothing to do with me and my brood; but rather, all about the sweet, gray haired lady in the above picture. They say hind sight is always 20 20 and boy are they right. There is something about having your own kids that causes one to look upon their own mother in a new way. No longer do you see all the things she never let you do as a kid, no longer do you view spankings as a crime, no longer do you think you know it all. She takes on an angelic aurora.

As a younger kid we would go to Arizona and visit my Grandparents every now and then. It is a whole different world out there if you've lived in the east all your life. The barren desert can be difficult to like if you've known nothing but lush green grass, and deciduous trees. 
About 6 years ago my parents bought a house out there. Suddenly the desert has become a beautiful place. Suddenly, I long to go there. My Mom's presence out there has given new meaning to such a desolate place. I no longer look at it the same.  2 thousand miles with a phone call or text message is livable knowing I still have her. 
My Mom is a natural green thumb. She taught herself everything she knows. And without really trying she passed her love for gardening - both veggie and flower- to me. I remember as a young girl outside helping her one day and she asked if I was going to have a garden when I got older. At that point, all I saw was the hard work that gardening required and I emphatically said no way. I think she was a little disappointed :-( She knows now I've changed my mind since then. ha ha 
To walk into her house is like walking into a greenhouse, there are plants every where. To me, it is beautiful!! It is home!! I'm working on it. LOL 
One of the things my Mom passed onto me as a living example was that Christians are not to be lazy. She was always a hard worker. She did not work an outside job while all us kids lived at home, but she seemed to work around the house from sunup to sundown. Her house and yard were testament to all she did. She strongly believed and lived that Christians reflect Christ in ALL things and that we should live in a way that everything we did was attractive. She never went to town in every day clothes. No, she didn't put on her Sunday finery but she dressed nicely and was always clean.
I feel like I have a LONG ways to go, but I'm working on it. 
God definitely gave me the best when He chose her to be my Mom. On this day, Mother's Day, I wish she was not a phone call away. I wish I could hand deliver something special. I wish I could cook her favorite meal with her favorite dessert. I wish I could sit in the same room and have a heart to heart talk. 
I wish, I wish!!

If your Mom is close by and still living, hug her close and show her how special she is. Your heart will thank you.

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