Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tables?! BLAH! What a boring subject title I know. But it is what is the latest thing around here and thought I would share :-)
Back late winter, I posted a picture onto facebook of an empty porch. And stated I couldn't wait until nicer weather and being able to utilize that room.
We are slowly getting there. And 2 days ago was a huge turning point in getting the job done. While running errands in town we saw a sign for an estate sale. And we found this beautiful table with 4 chairs - all for $50.00
The picture does not due it justice. It's a beautiful set and for a price that would be stupid to pass up. Last night after our own yard sale we ate our pizza here and then today's lunch was enjoyed out here. While the skies drizzled we were able to sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors and not get wet. So peaceful!
This porch tends to be patriotic with country hues which goes perfect against the dark wall and wood ceiling.
The best view is straight out from where I am sitting - the back yard with this numerous trees that is home to dozens of birds. One would have to be considered loco to sit out here and not enjoy it. Just last evening after the kids had gone to bed me and the dog sat in the chairs enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Watching the garden grow, listening to the birds as they sang their nighttime songs...SIGH
The thing that makes this table extra sweet was it was Mr. Z's idea. What a romantic guy :-)

Back a few months ago, some of you will remember I found 3 old windows alongside of of the road that started me on my old window adventure. Yea yea, I know, some of you are still shaking your head over that one. Well what you didn't know was that one of those windows had not yet had anything done with it. You probably thought so cause I've done several window project but 1 of the first 3 was not part of those because I had other things in mind for it which took awhile to come to fruition. 
A window table it is!!
It's rustic and very simple but I like it. The Queen of England wouldn't be caught dead with it in your possession, but hey, what does she know about the primitive lifestyle ;-)

Well yesterday I did the host your own yard-sale thinga-ma-jig. I used to have them most every summer in NY and always did extremely well. Ohio on the other hand is a complete dud. I've had 3 now and yesterday was by far the best success, but still so pathetic that I think I will stick to shopping them instead. It's way easier to just take ones stuff to the Goodwill or to the Restore. But it's done and the kids learned that they don't have to pester Mom anymore about having one :-)

It is a beautiful Lord's Day! The weather is perfect! Except for the sound of someone's mower (that should be outlawed on Sundays) it is nice and quiet out here. Trust your day is one of perfect relaxation!

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