Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tis the Season -

One of the great advantages to living more in town is one's access to yard/garage sales. We live on the opposite side of the town from Walmart and Aldi which means there is oodles of sales between me and my destination. Okay, so my trip to the store takes a lot longer now because I keep making stops... Its fun when I can park my van and walk to 2 or 3 at one time. It really does make for a successful shopping day. You probably think I buy at every one I go to. snicker Have no fear I walk away from places that have high prices, no prices, and/or all junk. 
Here is some of the loot of acquired so far this summer...
"Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs" .50 cents and candle holder .75 cents. And no, I did not stage this just for this picture. It sits in my living room as is :-)

My heart always sings when I find old Home Interiors products. This whole ensemble was $5.00 - 
The floral swag is another retired Home Interiors piece and I paid $1.50 - LOVE it when I can buy those products for a fraction of their original cost.

One can't have a Roo without a barn ;-) - .50 cents. 
When we bought this house all the wall border in the front entry and down the hall had a peeling problem. I big chunk had already been torn off. I've just let it be until I came across the right item for the right price. Awhile back I bought some border at the Restore but it just never set well with me. So I put it in my box to resell it. Well, last weekend I found this border. Brand new rolls - $1.00 a roll. I love the little saying "the road to a friends house is never far"

I LOVE transferware, especially this pattern and in blue. I was able to add to my collection this weekend with another large plate, tea cup, saucer, and bowl - $3.00 for all.
This girl can never have too many doilies. Found some 2 weeks ago for .25 cents They go a long way in giving that cottage feel that I am going for around this house.
Just for kicks :-)
If you know me well enough, you should know that I'm always ready for a good laugh, sarcasm is one of my languages. This fun sign hangs on the door of dining room hutch. It gives a chuckle to everyone :-) 

Summer is here, VBS is already over, soon Independence Day will be another day marked off this year's calendar. I trust you are making the most of every hot, humid day. I've been staying busy most days will find 5 kids at my house since I watch one of my boy's classmate so his mom can work. There is grass to mow, weeds to pull, flowers to water, mosquitoes to swat, and sweat to wipe off. There is also hot dog roasts around the open fire, melty, gooey marshmellows to eat, fire flies to watch, and sweet tea to drink from Mason jars. It's a good life!! 

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