Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are We There Yet?

The longer I live the more I understand how some folks can get cynical/callous to life. I've even been told I have that problem. It's not that people necessarily intend to come across as such. Life just has a way of making us see things things through our experiences. It doesn't mean we are wrong just that our lens has been shaped differently.

This evening I went to the viewing of a Godly man. Him and his wife have been a blessing over the years to my parents. Earlier today someone posted about the passing of a loved on unexpectedly. Tonight, I'm reading more posts of a Grandma making the crossing. My own family has a loved one laying at deaths door. 

I read of the growing hatred toward the Jews. I read that Europe is involved. Again 

I read or hear of this marriage biting the dust and that person being diagnosed with the dreaded C word. 

It seems like a lot for one day. I must admit, it does cause me to feel cynical. It makes me want to pull a blanket over my head and cry out to God "are we almost there yet?".

         I'm homesick for Heaven.
That place where there is NO sin.
That place where there will be no sickness. 
That place where the eye will forever be dry. 
That place where fear has no room. 
Heaven! I want to go there!
I want to watch as the lion lays down beside the lamb. 
I want to meet the 2 little people I never got to hold. 
I want to sit and talk to the Grandma I never got to meet. 
Heaven! I want to go there!
To live forever with the One who died for me. 
To sing His praises for all eternity!

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