Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vintage Junkin - My Favorite Past-time!

Hop on in my vintage grocery buggy and join me as I stroll through one of my favorite stores.
By the way, who remembers these buggies?  My brothers and I used to ride on the bottom. It made grocery shopping a much more enjoyable experience.

The store is Mr. Darby's Emporium in North Lima, OH.  If you like vintage/antiques you will love this place.  They have over 90 vendors inside an old department store.  Give yourself plenty of time because it's no place for rushing.

I got a feeling the other day that this place would be festive with all the vintage Christmas stuff sitting around and I just had to go for a stroll.  I'm glad I did cause I found 8 little treasures that I'll show you later :)

Lots of red and white filling the entrance. Love the Coca Cola cooler. That would be fun sitting on my porch keeping our pop icy cold.
Check out that red telephone (drool)

Before I go much farther, maybe you should know that if you don't like "junk" then don't bore yourself with this blog post :) Cause its quite lengthy.
Back to the fun at hand. These shabby lamp shades have been here quite awhile. They are fun to look at in this setting but not sure I'd want it for myself - they'd probably hurt the eyes.
Check out all the milk glass!! I especially like the small knobby cup tucked in the back and the iron stone pitcher in the top. Pretty Pretty!

Over here is a box of kitchen goodies. I'm especially fond of the hand mixers. 

This is a beautiful piece of furniture. I love antique furniture - the vast majority is a quality that far surpasses the press-board junk of today.

Some of you just got hit with a good dose of deja vu LOL

Neat gift tags. I especially like the jar ones.

Don't ask me why but I love these buck saws. And the wash boards. My one son shakes his head at me and asks "what would you do with that stuff".  He doesn't understand his mother's love for old things.  He's pretty sure I come from the pioneer days.

Every porch needs at least one rocker to sit in and sip southern sweet tea. And that giant, metal water can is amazing.

Not all the furniture pieces are antique. Lots of primitive pieces in this store and they are so much fun to look at and get ideas.  I like this one for it's punched tin.

A couple pieces of yellow ware tucked in the corner. These vintage dishes are sure to bring sunshine to any hutch/table.

The name is Anne - Anne Shirley :)
Some hats from the Victorian era - wish we still dressed that feminine. 

What??  I thought I was in Ohio :) To think I could have sold mine!! (tsk tsk)

Here's another new piece. I love the chicken wire and this would make a really cute pantry in a country kitchen.  Too bad I don't have enough room or I might try to twist Mr. Z's arm to build me one :)

One of the things I've started collecting is salt glazed pottery. It started with my mom giving me a couple pieces. I fell in love and Mr. Z and I have fun buying them at yard sales.  I especially like this one with the heart. So country!

Anyone looking to start a printing business :) :)

I love the little, glass knobs on this end table.  They match the door knobs in my house.

This pump organ makes me think of Mary Ingalls.  Out there on the Dakota Territory. 

No doubt these steamer trunks have a story to tell. What ocean vessels did they sail on or what railroad did they travel.

No thanks! I think I'll pass! No wait, the last I knew I was a mom. I do need this. LOL

A wooden and worn Coca Cola crate - YES please!

Hmm, I wonder what I could do with this old ceiling tile. Ideas ideas... :)

This spice rack journeys me back to Greene County Pennsylvania.  Back when white geese with little blue ribbons tied around their necks was the latest style.  Mom had these in her kitchen :)

These my friends, are the 8 little treasures I found. Kool-ade cups.  All of us kids had one of these back in the early 80s. Chocolate milk always tasted best from this cup :)
Can you believe it? Those little sweeties jumped off the shelf and right into my basket :) Got in my van and came home with me :)


Are you looking for Anne Sloan's chalk paint?  This is the only local place I know of. I noticed this vendor's booth has grown. That's exciting!

I don't care how shiny, sparkly new doll houses are now a-days. They don't hold a candle to the quality of a vintage house.  I bought a modern one this summer at a yard sale. It was a tall, 2 story house with a elevator and only spent $5.00.  Let me tell you, I should have saved my $5.00.  

Take a close look at the original price sticker. Do you recognize that old department store? Hills Department Store.  They were the store before Wal-mart took over the monopoly board. Not sure the date of this Ken but he's definitely from my childhood :)

Last but not least, a piece of sunshine for your living room :)

It has been fun sharing just a smidgen of my favorite shop. If you ever get the chance, stop in and stroll down yesterday's lane. (This is not a paid post)

Good night all!!

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  1. Enjoyed the tour! I'd love to browse it in person, funny, I remember those little cups too.


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