Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Want to Post, What do I Post? Kind of Post!

As I was taking down the Christmas trees, I got struck with the declutter, pitch-it bug. It's a disease I get at least once, twice, three times a year. :)
I mean after all, what better time to go through ones Christmas decor, especially Christmas tree decor that hasn't been used in a decade. No since in stopping with Christmas. Might as well work my way through the whole house. Look out Mr. Z and kids!! They shutter when I'm "sick". They go into protection mode with all their stuff.  "You can't get rid of that! MOM, are you going to give our toys away again?!" It's a traumatic moment. I've learned that I do some of this stuff undercover. Wait till they are at school/work and use black garbage bags. They will never know :) 

I try to make $$ with the things I'm pretty confident will sale fast. I don't hang onto anything else. Cause when I clean and declutter I want it gone YESTERDAY :) There are group pages on Facebook where you can list your stuff. They are Buy-Sell-Trade pages. There are several of these pages for my area. I sold the above horse the day I listed it. An easy $5.00! Don't waste your time with craigslist. Just an FYI :)

One of the things that can make my family shutter is not only do I pitch, I rearrange the entire room. After all, one can't clean thoroughly unless they move all the furniture and clean where they had been sitting. And there is no way I'm going to do all that work just to put the stuff back in the same spot. That's boring! My over-active imagination says "lets see what we can do with this and this and this..." you get the idea.
Last week the master bedroom was the target for my January cleaning fest. I wasn't sure how I'd like it but hey, I can always have the fun of changing it back another day :)

This week it has been the little Miss's room. Not much rearranging in here except to rearrange it into a bag and out the door. 
Today I had to take a break at my house while I went and cleaned at the farm. I never want to come home and clean after I've been there. 
But tomorrow is another day :) My worst nightmare is down the hall and across from the kid's/guest bathroom. I'm dragging my feet with that room (horror face). I'll get there, however, the attic and basement have more appeal :)

So that's been my life lately. Next week it will be counting thousands of Boxtop labels, literally. 

Until next time, have a good night and stay warm!!

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