Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blogging? What's That?!

Somewhere between today's post and the last time I posted (yeah, pretty profound there I know) blogging hasn't really ac-cured to me.  I guess you could say I've been in hibernation mode.  There's only so many pictures of snow one can take. You see one you've seen them all.  There's nothing to look at folks, so might as well shut the camera down until the world once again becomes filled with color.

Today was beautiful, sunny (and as long as you stayed in the sun with a heavy winter coat on it felt warm) and a conversation I had on the phone with dear Mr. Z reminded me that maybe, just maybe I might find something. So I took the camera from it's resting place and took a stroll to see what I could find.  At this point in the game, one must get up close and personal with nature to actually see that Spring is indeed coming.

Upon close observation of our sidewalk flowerbed tulips were discovered. Along with the paws of my short, four-legged sidekick :)

Whatcha doing my dearest human friend? May I be of assistance? Here, let me walk in front of your camera and stick my nose into the lens.
No! I shall not cooperate. I have no interest in that gadget taking my picture. 

A quick trip to the vacant house next door revealed oodles and oodles of crocus pushing their way up. So they will fill the whole hillside in colorful array.

Farther along the sidewalk flower bed revealed that Plantus Unknownus has oodles of shoots. Looks like it will produce a bumper crop. That's the beauty of a flower bed that is aging. Everything gets bigger and bigger.

A VERY close-up study of my personal cottage/shade garden learned me that some more Plantus Unknownus is sprouting quite heavily.  Actually, I'm pretty sure they are Day-lilies :) LOL

Our old fashioned Lily's are doing quite a number to kick winter into next year.
Using picmonkey I made the old fashioned Lily's look vintage and quite frankly I think it looks tons better then modern. Ha! Just call me old!

But there you have it folk. Not a lot, but to my delight I learned that things are shaping up around here :)  That makes me HAPPY!! Every time I have to go into Walmart I reward myself but taking a stroll through the entire lawn and garden section. I inhale deeply the aroma of potting soil, pesticides, fertilizer, and what all else makes up that earthy smell.  I soak in the sight of plant bulbs, seeds, containers,  watering cans, and outdoor furniture. Katie and I find ourselves testing them out to make sure they are suitable to sit and lay on :)  

I don't know if I've ever posted a picture of this part of the house. But this is the back door. The door that everyone uses expect the mailman, pizza man, ups man, and all other mans. 
A few days ago I stashed the winter away and put up everyday. And to be honest, I like it so much it may never ever again see winter stuff.  Of course some flowers will be added as the season allows. There's ALWAYS room for flowers. I'm thinking of doing potted ferns on these steps. This is tucked in far enough that it is more of a shady area.  

Anybody know how to get English Ivy junk off the side of my house give me a holler. Word to the wise - Never ever grow that stuff unless you love it so much that you never plan to get rid of it. Because it leaves an ugly mess. We didn't plant the mess, it came with the house.  It's kinda, sorta neat stuff but it's very invasive. Takes over everything. It was even burrowing it's way into the basement.

Well that's the end!  Who knows when I'll be back. But until then spring on!!

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  1. HI Susie, It was a first to read a post of yours...didn't realize you had a blog, but thoroughly enjoyed it. You encourage me. Looks like we can enjoy spring when we hope to be arriving next week! Seems your place will look beautiful once the weather gets warmer!


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