Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living In a Self-Absorbed World

One need not travel far to see the fallen plight of humanity.

We live in a century that makes us look intelligent due to all the inventions of a few people.  The contraption (computer) that once filled an entire room can now fit in your palm.  Our kids have learned to use it before they could talk.  Telephones that once hung on the wall and you could only travel as far the cord could reach now travels the globe in our pockets.  Medicine has become so advanced that some of the people practicing it think they are God.  And the list could go on and on.

We look at all these great things and think WOW we have come so far.  To a point yes we have.  But in reality we as humans are going backwards.  Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with all the inventions of we are blessed with.  But our dependency on them and not on God is what is changing us.  They have made us be so self-sufficient that life has become all about me and what I can do.

Society in general is rude.  Just go sit near the check outs at a Walmart or be a waitress in a restaurant.  Become aware of what people are doing around you and you will see what I'm talking about.  And it is the simplest things.  Many times I'm in a store and the clerk tells the person in front of me the usual "have a good day".  Never a reply!!  No wonder clerks are taken by surprise when I say "thank you and you too." Common courtesy is a bygone thing.

I've heard of people getting sued because they stopped at an accident to help.  The person would have rather died then be saved.  Women not wanting to take responsibility for their actions visit abortion clinics set up all over this country.  We have uprisings such as Occupy Wall Street because too many don't want to get off their lazy backside and make an honest living.  They think the rest of Americans owe them.  I'm not sure where they get their thinking cause they have done nothing worthy of being given everything.  All they are is another piece of carbon footprint adding to the great global warming.  If you believe in all that.

The divorce rate is through the roof.  And that has a lot more to do with self absorption than the "innocent party" line.  Yes there are people who are in abusive marriages but they are really the minority in a divorce.  Many of them stay married out of fear.  It is those who just aren't getting what they want who pick up and leave like a little kids.

We as moms (speaking to myself here) need to be so careful in thinking about that "alone time".  Yes we need a breather from our kids.  But it can become our focus if we aren't careful

And sadly, this self absorbed disease has come into the church world as well.  It's like cancer it comes in different forms but the end result is the same, its destructive. Some churches don't want to mess up their well manicured look.  "Oh we could never have a children's ministry' all those snotty nose brats would be too much of an interruption.  We wouldn't be able to get out of the service what God has for us."    Give to missions??  Are you crazy!!  We need that money to pay for our new parking lot.  "I'm not going to invite that sinner next door to come.  He/She doesn't dress like we do."  And one that is becoming one of my biggest pet peeves is "Don't judge me".  "I can do/say/dress/go whatever and where ever I want. No one not even the Bible is going to tell me how to live my life."  "You bet ya I'm a Christian and you are not because you just judged/told me something I didn't want to hear".

Self Absorbency is killing us.  No one wants to be around a person who has it.   Let me encourage you/myself.  Rise above this craziness.  Get your mind off yourself.  Yes I'm sure you do have a lot on your mind that is troubling you.  But strive to forget about that and focus on those around you. Ask God to lead you to someone who needs a friend.  Pray for other people's problems rather then your own.  Pray God's blessing (not revenge) on that person who has hurt you.  Smile at strangers when you are out-and-about.  And stop looking at them as though they have a 3rd nostril. Bake some cookies for your mail lady.  Pray for your pastor and his wife rather then complain about them.  Give that lazy waitress an extra large tip rather then none at all.  And hardest of all, love your family.  Those we live with and are around 24/7 are the hardest to give our selves to.  Washing their dishes, making their beds, and doing their laundry isn't good enough.  Telling your husband "I love you" isn't good enough.  Our kids and our spouses need to experience acts of kindness out of the ordinary.  Notes in their lunch, bedtime stories, games, etc are all a part of getting rid of our-self and living for God/Others.

Living aware of our surroundings rather then ourselves makes us a beautiful and likable person.  God help me to be just that.

Blessings to ya!!


  1. Very good! I enjoy reading your blog!

    1. Thanks Janna. With canning season I've not had much time to write on here. Hoping to do more of it now.


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