Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our S'more Version

The only kind of marshmallow worth eating is one that is cooked to a melty mess over hot coals.  My sweetheart took me to Lake Erie for Mother's Day and we discovered a melt-in-your-mouth kind of s'more.  We had giant marshmallows and chocolate, but no graham crackers.

We cooked the marshmallow until they were about to fall off the stick; slid a chuck of Hershey's Chocolate into the middle and TADA!!  It was so good!!  Simple I know :)

Blessings to ya!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My First Peonies

I love Peonies!!  We had them in New York and now here in Ohio.  However, this is the first time they have ever bloomed for us.  Crazy I know!!! I am loving their big, pink blossoms.

Blessing to ya :)

Mint Leaves

 One of the many things we like to grow in our country gardens is Mint.  May is when we harvest our 1st cutting of the year.  Our patch is still small since it was planted just 2 years ago, but already it has spread quite nicely.

This is what I have been doing this week besides laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. :)  The drying process is more time consuming then it used to be.  We have no attic in which to spread the mint out on a sheet.  So it has to be done in the dryer (pictured above). Sure does make the house smell good.

My method for preparing "Mint Tea"
*Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker
*Coffee Filter
*Fresh or dried Mint leaves
*1.5 cups sugar
1. Fill the Tea Maker with water (per instructions)
2. Place coffee filter in tea bag holder
3. Fill with Mint leaves
4. Brew
5. Add sugar, water, and ice after it is done brewing.

It is a very simple process.  No brewing it in a sauce pan and then having to fish all the leaves out. It is a fast  and clean method, and produces the most refreshing Iced Tea you can imagine.  We have been told from our Northern friends we should bottle and sell it.

Blessings to ya!


Because of Facebook, blogging sort of went AWOL.  I just assumed since I didn't read blogs like I used to neither did anyone else. So why take the time to add pictures and posts to both places.  But to Facebook's shock and amazement, not everyone wants to take part in that social craziness.

With that in mind and from the encouragement of a friend who is not part of Facebook madness, here is a new blog.  Pictures of my 4 children will not be shown, just because of too weird people roaming the blog-sphere.  So I will be sharing tidbits from my kitchen, garden, crafts, heart, decorating, and who knows what else :)

So, whenever you have a bored moment, be sure to stop by and see what's happening at the Zeigler Homestead!!

Blessings to ya!!
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