Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sunny-side Up!!

That title probably had you thinking I was posting about a delicious breakfast.  Sorry to disappoint :)  This week the members of this house have been plagued with fevers. It's not been a pretty picture. I thought I would comb through the pictures I've pinned on my Gardening/Outdoor Living board and post a few on here to sorta help cure the sick blues.

I'd post pictures of my own flower gardens if I had any.  Since moving here 3 years ago we have not really improved much around here as far as that goes.  I'm strongly considering taking the task upon myself  Did I just say that?  Sshh don't tell!!

My favorite annual is the red geraniums.  Being a country gal I love everything about this fun garden~scape. 

More Geraniums and those polka dot boots are awesome!

I've never seen a blue butterfly. Simply beautiful.  And against the yellow makes for a stunning show. God sure has given us a lot of beauty to enjoy!

This snowball vibernum is a favorite. I love white and all these large clumps of white goodness against dark green foliage is beautiful.

Before long these little specks of blue will appear in many backyards. Now that is a sunny-side up thought :)

How's this for some sunshine? Love it!

Proverbs says laughter is the best medicine. Lord knows we could use a good dose around here :)

This picture reminds me of my favorite book character ~Anne Shirley~ Some how this looks like the boat they used on the Lake of Shining Water.

A David Austin rose ~my favorite. Can you smell them? sigh

A common country scene that I never tire of.  Looking forward to having chickens again.

My thoughts exactly!!!

I have a thing for rusty things. Love love this pump.

Strawberry Shortcake Lilacs ~ a definite knowledge that Spring has arrived.  Makes me wish computers had a scratch-n-smell thinga-ma-jig.

Another favorite!

Can we say "punch bug" :)

How's this for some garden inspiration ~ neat idea.

Hope you've enjoyed this garden post as much as I have. It's nice to get lost in the beauty of nature and forget our aches for awhile.  Hope your week is going good.  Cheery-o!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Girly Stuff

Don't know if you caught it or not, but I whispered on my previous post that I was thinking of shabbying up the curio that sits on top of Katie's dresser.  Well I hopped to it and got it done plus another piece that I will show you.  I think it really helped to give it that girly look/feel.
After I sprayed it I sanded some of the white back off along edges and corners which produced a rich, worn look.  The cherry color stain underneath was perfect for giving a vintage look.

Lets take a peek inside shall we :)
This old timey picture was purchased for .75 and makes it's home on the bottom shelf.

This is the middle shelf and it contains items from my childhood.  You should shop your home every now and then.  It's fun and amazing the things you will find :)

The teapot was a gift from my Mom. And the votive holder was gift from a lady in our church. After reading my last post gave me a few things she had.  So I thought she would like to see how I've used them.

It is a pretty display that has been fun piecing it all together.

Now let move over to a cozy corner of the room.
First off, please ignore the floor. The previous owners had a boy in this room and the room was painted to look like a ball diamond.  The floor is the stupidest thing ever. It is hard as concrete, porous, and don't clean. So until we can do something about it, it will have to remain an ugly part of the room. (sigh)

The rocking chair has been in the family since I was a baby. Making it kinda special.  The hand-stitched blanket draped over the back was my Grandma's when she was a baby. The table cloth was my Great-Grandma's.

This adorable lamp was another item given from JoAnn. What a perfect fit in here.  Since it is smallish I took 3 boxes containing "American Girl" books from my childhood and used them for height.

The bicycle was from my Home Interiors days. The bunny was a dollar store find.  He was located in their garden section.  I love his color and think it adds a touch of variety among the pinks.  Just another example to think outside the box-garden art don't have to be garden art :)

This is what you see when you first walk into the room.  And this shelf is the other cherry piece that I shabbied.  Really like how it turned out and it helps all the stuff on it to pop.
The big metal bird is another Dollar Store garden art.  The butterfly box was made by my Hubs. The black shoe which is partially cover is an old fashioned high heeled boot purchased at a yard sale. Don't remember it's price.  The easel that holds the picture was .50 from Goodwill.  And last but not least the painted daisies  were also Goodwill finds at .25 ea.

I am currently working on painting a vintage cabinet that is going to be used in the living room.  So stay tuned cause once it's done I'll let ya take a look.

It's Spring here today in Ohio so enjoy the beautiful day and I'll see you next post!!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Girly Vignettes using Bargain Items

I don't consider myself an expert in the area of decorating. However, I have learned a few things over the years, especially when I was a consultant for both "Home Interiors" and "Home & Garden Party".  I'm posting these pictures only as a means to inspire and maybe give a few ideas to help others in fixing up their homes.  I'm always changing and moving things around so stuff never really stays the same around here.
(Thinking about shabbying that curio by giving it a spray paint do)
My little girl came last and I'm having the time of my life fixing up her room.  It is a work in progress because I live on a quilt-string budget.  Hunting down sweet little bargains at thrift stores is one of my loves.

This purse lamp is a $4.00 bargain.  The vintage frog vase $.75.  The Kim Anderson couple were mine as a teenager so that was free.
I just love the lamp, it fits my Katie Rose perfectly :)

I found this Shabby, solid wood frame with a piece of glass for $2.00.  I got on Pinterest (yes, I'm a Pinterest junkie) and did a search for free subway art that had to do with girls.  There is quite a bit to pick from. This one jumped out at me the most.  I printed it out onto white cardstock.  And there I have a sweet piece of art that adds a nice touch for pennies.

The fun picture here I got at a yard sale for .75. It was an after thought stop on the way home from school so I didn't have much cash on me. Sure wish I had that lady was selling lots of awesome stuff for pennies. Oh well!! :)  The cowgirl boots were given to Katie from friends. I thought it was a cute way to store them out of reach until she grows into them.  The laugh vase came from my secret sister. And the pink vase on the end was a .25 find.

(pictures with glass or hard to photograph. Nice glare going on there)
I love this old "Home Interiors" picture.  I got it for a sweet $5.00.  The Butterfly Kisses I did pay retail price   for, but somethings you just have to. Right? :) :)

As you can see, one can live in a pretty house on a one person income using other people's cast aways. Ya just have to take some time to hunt down the bargains. You might go into a thrift store or stop at a yard sale and feel like you wasted your time. But don't give up.  A real gem might be at the next stop.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Birds of a Feather...

"The birds nest beside the streams and sing among the branches of the trees."  Psalm 104:12

One of the many pleasures God has given us while journeying through life is birds.  I have never met a person yet who, once they've paid attention, dislikes them.  They greet us in the morning with their sweet harmony and carry us through the day with chirps of hello and hey, how ya doing.  I love to put feeders out during winter so I can enjoy them a little closer.

One of the joys of living in the US is to experience the great "Bald Eagle". A magnificent bird that should awe anyone. And we happen to live where we can enjoy them rather frequently.  If you look close enough in the bigger tree you can see one of the Eagles that lives on Deer Creek Lake.  He was a long ways off so I couldn't really get a good close-up shot.  
We drove further down the road trying to get a better picture, but since he was on the other side of the lake, this is as good as it gets.  

We weren't out to bird watch but why not "kill 2 birds with one stone" while checking the ice for ice fishing. LOL  So while journeying further down the lake off to our right was a bunch of "Blue Birds".  Chirping up a choir and fluttering from limb to limb. 

These are especially for my mother-n-law whom the Hubs said would LOVE to see them.

What say ye, is it ice fish-able? Saturday is coming!!

Hope you've enjoyed our little trip around the lake and catching a glimpse of "My Father's World".  
Have a sweet day!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Year = A New Look

Good Evening friends!!

Ever since painting my kitchen "Gingerbread Spice" it has been a love/hate relationship.  And, well since I don't believe in hate, something had to change.  I can't change, I've tried so it will just have to be the kitchen :)

After supper tonight I decided to start tackling the job of removing the wall paper.
It is going very quickly thanks to my clothes steamer.  Sure wish I'd had this when I was a kid peeling the paper off my mom's kitchen walls.  

Are you wondering what color/look I'm going to go with next?

Well you are just going to have to be satisfied with the contents of this box for now :)

But stay tuned because someday this year (LOL) I will let you see!!

Oops!!  How'd that picture get on here???  No more peeking!! Ya hear!!

Good night and stay warm!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finding Peace in Goodbye

Phone calls and Facebook statuses over the last couple days has reminded me once again that life is temporary. I've been reminded also that death is no respecter of age-one need not be old to leave this world.  

Most people who die leave behind someone(s) that loved them very much.  Who find themselves, many times without warning, pushed over the precipice of a dark and seemingly bottomless hole called grief. It is not a fast fall, but a slow one. It starts out head first, arms flailing trying to grab hope and sense. Only to be told by senseless people that it will be okay and that with time we will heal.  We quickly find that we are totally alone and the darkness surrounding becomes so real and close we feel the pains of suffocation.   

Left with nothing but despair that their world will never be right and normal again reach out for drink and/or drugs. A sigh of contentment feels their being at the comfort that they find in their new found friends. Maybe now life will be okay and that the searing pain in their heart will be gone.  Then morning comes and they wake to a splitting headache and reality hits them like a ton of bricks. The ledge of drink and drugs that they had found in their hole of grief was not strong enough and had crumbed out from under them. Leaving them once again falling head long to what seems like their own end.

Sometimes another temporary ledge is found, it might be yoga, counseling, or anti-depressants.  But reality is stronger and crushes over and over.  Leaving suicide the only other alternative to peace.

I write this blog post with one desire and that is to give hope to those you find themselves left behind.  Grief is not a bottomless pit there is at the bottom a solid rock waiting for us to firmly stand our feet upon.  The getting there won't be found in friends, drink, drugs, or suicide. But rather Jesus Christ, our Rock and our Salvation.  When we reach out to him he takes us by both hands, turns us right-side up, and we land squarely on our feet.  It is then that we can see that the hole was never deeper then we are tall.  Fresh air assails our nostrils and genuine hope fills every fiber of our being.  

Not only is Jesus our rock but he is our anchor.  The climb out of grief is not easy. There will be many tears and much pain. But when our life's rope is anchored around the solid rock we will find rest from our climb and our souls will be at peace.

I leave you with my favorite verse: 
 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.  --Revelations 21:4

Friday, January 11, 2013

I finally did something :)

Hi all!  It is a dreary, rainy day here in Ohio. It's one of those days that call for warm quilts, hot chocolate, and a good book.  So besides the never ending job of laundry and 2 little kids I'm taking a slow, cozy day.  Right after Christmas a brand new skein of blue yarn and a brand new crochet needle appeared in our house and I decided it was my chance to once again try my hand at crocheting.  I'm a girl who has never liked the "Susie Homemaker" type of crafting.  I'd rather apply paint to something.  But lately I've gotten the hankering to do something simple with my hands in the evening when the hubs is hogging the computer :)

And here is proof that I can actually do this girlie stuff after all.  Maybe motherhood has toned down the tom-boy in me or is it the gray hair that seems to be taking over my head causing me to feel like an old lady. LOL

Here is my 1st scarf that I finished up last week. While I was making it this little guy claimed it as his. Now all  the other 2 boys are wanting one.  So I looked over at Girlie and asked her if she wanted me to make her one, she shook her head no.  It was the perfect response and cracked me up because that is the same answer I would have given my mom back in the day.  The green one above is Sam's. He was with me at Wal*Mart and I asked him which color he wanted :)  Such a nice mommy I am :P  I'm trying to do this right.  I don't want to be too old lady-ish by making stuff out of weird colors!!

The proud owner wanted me to snap this picture. He is acting like "Scrooge" where Marley meets him at his front door. LOL Crazy kid!!

Have a great day!!

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