Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm on a roll :)

And no I don't mean rolling down a hill. :P  A few posts ago I told you I had taken up crocheting.  Since that post I have covered several yards with yarn. I thought I'd give you an update on my projects.
(Looks like a turtle)
In the older post I was working on a green scarf for Sam.  He saw a hat on the side of the skein and begged for a hat.  After I finished making all my kids a scarf I made his hat.

I have made a total of 4 scarves - this one is Katie's.  I did hers different from the others. Just because I wanted it to look soft and girly :)

My latest thing is the towel toppers.  They don't take long which is what my ADD likes. LOL  I have made several just in the last couple days and will be adding these to my Etsy store.
These towels aren't my style give me the above rooster any day.  But seems like we have reverted back to the 70s (I think, 70s was before my time) with the colors I see in stores. These are going on Etsy.

While looking for buttons for the 2 above I remembered an old cedar box I had in my hope chest. Apparently I hadn't looked in the little box in a very long time. This is what I saw when I opened the lid -
My old name tag from college choir.  Oh the memories that came flooding back upon seeing this :)  Isn't it funny how that happens.  I don't even know if they use these anymore.  Any of you former classmates still have yours? 

I love the colors in these. They look so Springy!!  Which makes me happy!!

I'm enjoying making all these things.  I've even messed with doily yarn and made a couple things with that.  It feels good to keep my hands busy and being productive.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

The 3 Winners are....

1. Crystal Roberts
2. Jeannette Wieserman
3. Anonymous
To Anonymous - we need to know who you are so we can contact you. Please send me an email at susannany @ gmail.com

Congratulations girls!!!

Thank you to all of you who signed up for the give-away.  It has been fun to do. Be sure to check back again because I plan to do more.

Trust you all are enjoying a good day. Since it's President's Day the kids were off school.  So we are having a lazy day :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Valentine's Day Means to Me

As someone who dislikes commercialism I was never fond of Valentine's Day.  I don't need florists, chocolate world, and Hallmark to tell me when to display romantic affection toward that special someone. I find it way more romantic to do it all year long at unexpected moments and/or every day in little ways, e.g., love notes in the lunch box, a love letter in place of a birthday card or Father's Day card, buying his favorite ice cream every now and then (even if it is the priciest one in the store), a back/shoulder rub without being asked, keeping my eyes pealed for items he can use in his hobbies when I'm out junkin, etc...So much more fun and meaningful then the over priced, hideous looking stuff at Wal*Mart.

February 14, 2002 forever changed the way I would look at V-Day.  I still don't view it the way businesses would want me to.  I'm still no sucker to all the hyped romance.  Valentine's Day became the day that took my life's journey on a right hand turn and started me on a path that would change me for good.

One of the first things that comes to mind about V-Day is Rattlesnake Rock
Doesn't sound very romantic does it? :)
It is located in Pine Creek which is the creek that runs through the bottom of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.
And to the majority of you it probably doesn't look very romantic. :)
There was 2 of them, one boy and one girl.  They were visiting his parents on a weekend date from college.  The boy tells the girl he wants to go for a drive up to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon ~ a 1.5 hour drive. Turns out the directions from map quest in that day weren't very mapped out, it lead us to some cow path.  So the boy follows his instincts and takes the road running along Pine Creek.  It was a very chilly day, but the sun was bright, the sky was blue, and it was just the two of us ~ the makings of a really good day.

Driving down the road enjoying the scenery and wondering just where they were the boy spots something and girl goes through window. LOL Car goes into reverse and they zoom into a parking area. Boy mumbles un-intelligently about this looking like a neat place, want to check it out?  Girl agrees.  
The path to the rock could be considered unnerving because who knew what rattler might be laying wait in the brush along both sides of the path. Thankfully it was a short walk :)
After a short look around the boy tells the girl to have a seat and leaves. Of all the nerve!! Leaving her out there by herself on a rattle rock. LOL So she sits and waits ~ waits for the boy to return and waits in hopes that no rattlers show up. Thankfully the wait wasn't very long :)

It was still just the 2 of them and getting down on one knee the boy asks the age old question "will you marry me?". It was not a fly-by-night question. It was one that had been given much thought. For you see they had both been raised with high standards toward marriage. Divorce would never be an option, so therefore you better make sure that when you finally ask that question you know 100% that this is the one you want to grow old with.  The girl had known for quite some time that this boy was the one, thus needing no time to thinking or pray about it she said yes :)
Wow were they young :) :)
There that day their individual journeys took a turn that started them down the same path together. 6 months later they would stand at an alter and make it forever official before God and man. 
True romance that would start the journey to not just change my last name but change my life. Valentine's became special in a way that commercialism can never duplicate.  It is the day that marks the beginning of one boy and one girl joining hands and hearts to be held together by God's love. It is a love that would hold them together through the fun times, the heartaches, the tears, the laughter, gray hair, and loss of hair :)
11 years later 4 small hearts have joined them on their journey and 2 very small hearts reside in Heaven where one day their love circle will never be broken. 
~Happy Valentine's Day from the boy and girl ~
(Man were we young and skinny) :P

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Monday, February 11, 2013

"Mooch the Moose" ~ A free story for Children's ministry

Mooch the Moose
by: Susanna Zeigler

Chomp chomp snort (smack lips) Man these roots and grubs sure are juicy today.  Mooch the Moose was enjoying lunch at the top of a Colorado mountain next to lush pines and Cypress trees.  Chomping and drooling the entire time - Mooch loved meal time.  It was the only time he could forget about his problems, and when his never ending heartache wasn't noticeable.  Why oh why did he have to be so different from all the other moose?!?  But lets not think about that right now because this woolly caterpillar tasted too awesome for me to be cumbered with troublesome thoughts.

Mooch was only different in one area-he was albino which meant he stuck out like a sore thumb with all the other Moose.  The others avoided him as though he had some terrible disease never giving Mooch the chance to show his true colors.  Thus leaving him to a lonely life.  Mooch really couldn’t see why the other’s avoided him.  If they would just give me a chance they could experience my awesome personality. Mooch had the best sense of humor in all the Rocky Mountains.  He could have easily been comedian of the year.  But no one would ever know because they never give him the opportunity.

Often when getting a drink from the cold, clear mountain lake Mooch would almost stand on his head trying to see his reflection in the still water.  Hoping to see what was wrong with him.  Maybe if he knew he could fix the problem.  But all he ever saw was a beautiful, dark complexed moose whose teeth looked like a toothpaste commercial.  Sigh  

One dreary day Mooch was laying under a standing of tall evergreens.  The musty scent adding to the mood of the day.  Owl flew down and perched on a nearby branch. Why so gloomy big guy?  asked Owl.  Startled that someone was actually talking to him Mooch just stared, his tongue all twisted around his eye teeth. Finally he found his voice, You talking to me?  Since you are the only one around I must be mused Owl.  Mooch found himself smiling and nodding.  Loving the fact that someone had asked, Mooch sat and poured out his heart to Owl for 2 hours.  Owl had never heard or seen such a chatty moose and thought certainly his ears were going to fall off.  He almost wished he hadn’t asked Mooch but his compassion kicked into gear and he listened while pulling from every cobwebbed corner of his brain every speck of wisdom he could find. He knew he was going to need it.

Two hours later Mooch shut up. Leaving Owl to grasp at straws and tell him why he was different.  At first Mooch couldn’t believe his ears. WHAT!!!! I’m white???  That’s not what I see in the lake’s reflection.  Mooch was outraged. What a stupid Owl - so much for their being wise and all.  I will never talk to him again.  Boy do I feel stupid opening myself up like that.  Oh the humility. The day suddenly became 10 times more dreary.

The day was drawing to a close, the sun was going down over the mountain range when a little voice whisper in Mooch’s ear Mooch, Owl is right.  Mooch’s teeth almost slid down his throat from the scare the voice gave him.  He jerked his head up and around. What! Who and where are you? asked Mooch in a shaky voice.  I said Owl is right and I am up here came the voice again.  Suddenly Mooch realized who was talking and sat up with rapt attention.  This was a voice he wanted to hear because it belonged to the Creator.  God, why did you have to make me different from all the other moose? Didn’t you know this would be a hard life for me to live?  I am so lonely!! Mooch was beside himself with grief as he cried out to his Creator.  Here was the One who had made him for who he was surely he would have some answers, some solutions.  Maybe if he knows just how bad my life is He will change me, thought Mooch.  But to Mooch’s disappointment that was not God’s plan.  

God looked down on his creation with love and pity.  Love because to Him, Mooch was everything God wanted in him.  Pity because it saddened Him that Mooch seemed to care more about what others thought of him then what God thought.  Because Mooch had his eyes on earthly things he couldn’t get past self-pity to find out what kind of life God wanted for him.  Life seemed like all doom and gloom with nothing to live for.  Boy was he in for a life changing experience!!

Because Mooch took time to listen to the Creator that evening he got his focus straightened and gained 20/20 vision.  He learned that God loved him and that in God’s eyes Mooch was very special.  He learned that God had made him albino because God loves variety.  It would be a boring world if we were all the same. Don’t you think?  Most importantly Mooch learned to love his Creator in return.  And in so doing he gained the confidence needed to stand up to the mocking of others and that gave him life long friends.  Life was no longer lonely but rather it became a celebration surrounded by others who were experiencing Mooch’s awesome personality and learning to love him for who he was.  Most of all because he was staying focused on his Creator.

Are you a boy or girl who feels like you're different from everyone else?  Do you feel like life has been unfair in giving you braces on your teeth, freckles on your nose, or glasses on your face?  Maybe you have a real disability that leaves you feeling lonely.  We know that Mooch is just a moose and that this is a silly story.  But God is your Creator too.  You see, in God’s eyes we are all the same.  We were created to love and worship God, sin is what has us looking at each other and thinking we are different and not very special.  God loves you for who you are and He wants you to love Him in return.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Why I Blog...

My husband simply can't wrap his head around the whole blogging thing.  To him nothing else on the Internet exists outside Facebook and Words with Friends. hahaha  He is always saying "I don't know how you do it".  Well I don't know how he can keep playing that boring word game :P LOL  So I thought I would share why I quit Facebook and went to blogging full time.

I am a writer, albeit a causal writer.  I don't write for $$ and I don't write every spare moment of my waking hours.  I write because I love it!!  And I only write as the inspiration comes.  Believe you me without inspiration it's a flat, dead piece.  I wouldn't want you to waste your time trying to decipher my thoughts. Some of my stories have been published in religious publications and Sunday School papers.  But I've just not been satisfied with that.  I wanted a vehicle that would allow anyone to read my articles without having to email them here and there and everywhere in hopes to have it published.  I am finding that blogging has become the perfect solution.  Many people have found my articles just by doing a Google search.  My hope is that they will find what they read to be a help to them whatever their search maybe.

Anymore Facebook has become more of a heart-attack then a fun social site. My news-feed was getting more and more filled up with senseless pictures with sometimes funny sayings (Has technology really made us so lacking in creativity). I will admit I posted a few myself but after awhile enough is enough already.

News articles that people would post, and yes I'm the type that just has to read it, would always get my blood to boiling.  What kind of idiot government and society do we have anyhow?!?!?!  I'll tell ya - a scary one and I love my sheltered life away from it all.  It's a lot more heart healthy!!!

I LOVE creativity and there can be none of that on Facebook.  You post pictures in a separate album, yes you can make comments with the pictures but the humor with that is only followed so far.  People don't read longish statuses cause FB has trained folks to have the attention span of a gnat. LOL

My Blog is allowing me the freedom to create with every post a fun and/or pretty yet creative experience.  Whatever my mood I can set the tone for it.  I'm loving that!!  This past weekend my article "Sunny-side Up" became a featured post over at "Old Time Party".  I deem that a real honor, and only in blog-land is that possible.
Buried somewhere in the bottom of a dresser lies yellow, lined paper.  It is in fact, a large tablet still ruled open to the page I left it.  It is a book in the making on a topic that is near and dear to my heart ♥.  I hope and pray that someday I will be given the opportunity to gain more experience so that I can write with the confidence of an authority on the subject.
 Until then I will go on writing here at "Zeigler's Homestead" providing from time to time articles that I pray brings you a chuckle, some tears maybe, but most of all hope.  There is a lost and dying world whose hearts are hurting and I want to share Jesus with them.   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Blog Give-Away

Hey All!!  I've been wanting to do a give-away for awhile now, but wasn't sure what I wanted to give-away. LOL  This is my first time and I'm pretty excited about it.  

My previous post was about the beautiful flexi hair clip that I won on a friend's blog. 

After writing the post Dawnita asked me if I would like do a give away ~ I was all for it :) :)

Here are the rules:
Your comment has to be on this blog post ~ it cannot be on Facebook!!

I've been wearing my flexi hair-clip every day since getting it and I can honestly say I love it.  
It is quality made!!  The ease of putting it in place has been simple. I really like that IT is all I need to put my hair up in a becoming manner ~ no other pins. And it holds all day!

When it says NO Purchase Necessary they mean it ~ you don't even pay the shipping.  

Below is a little video clip that Dawnita put together to show you how it works.

So go on over to www.lrose.biz/HairPretties and sign up to be a customer ~ it does not cost anything.  Look around at all the pretties ~ read the company's story and see how they got started, it's a fun story. I love success like they are experiencing all from hard work and a quality product. Then come back here and leave a comment.  10 days from this post 3 of you will be chosen!!

Have Fun!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I was a Winner!!

Back a few weeks ago my sweet friend, a once-upon-a-time Canadian gal now Southern belle, Kimberly Evans was doing a give-away on her blog.  It was for a "Lilla Rose" flexi hair clip. I had never heard of the clip some of you more fashion savvy people probably have but it was all new to me.  After looking around Dawnita Fogleman's website I was game.  Never expecting to win I sorta forgot about it.  Not only did I win but I got to choose which look I wanted and I chose the "Enchanting Copper Rose".  It is an elegant flexi clip that has a color that will go with anything I wear.
It arrived today in the mail and this is the pretty package it came in inside the mailer ~ so pretty.
I knew it had been mailed to me because the company sent me an email with tracking. That is what I call above par. Even their give-aways are treated like royalty.

Thanks Kim for doing this give-away on your blog. It was fun to be a winner.  A very nice way to be introduced to a great product. You should check out the website above and read about the company ~ they have a very Americana beginning and I love that.

I even styled my hair with my new flexi clip so you can see what it looks like.  I have no over pins in my hair and it is being held very firmly in place.  Maybe not the greatest of picture but not too bad from a 9 year old's perspective. LOL

Thanks again Kim!!  I really really like it!!

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