Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodwill Bargains

I love reading blogs where people share their bargains.  It's inspiring to see how others decorate their home for a little bit of nothing.  There was a time when brand new items from Home Interiors was the only way I decorated.  Well that is not possible for me to do when I want a home that is beautiful and cozy while on a tight budget.  So I go to yard sales and thrift stores for all my decorating.  Trust me you can decorate you home to look like you have $$$ with these bargains.

So I'm sharing the few things I found this Friday from Goodwill during their 1/2 off everything sale.

I couldn't get a picture that did this little, sun catcher justice.  I have found that bright blue pops in my "burnt gingerbread" painted kitchen.  I got this for $1.00.  It is very cherry and my little kids just love it.

I got these delightful little pots for $.25 a piece.  I have them sitting on the back of the stove.  Love how the paint has some "chips" in it.

This copper tone lantern cost $1.00, came with the bright blue candle. I have it sitting on the back of the stove as well.  I love lanterns and won't think twice to snatch it up for that price. :)

Those two collections together.  I love my kitchen.  

The sweet, ceramic jug cost $1.00.  It is being used to hold hand lotion.  The candle holder came from my "Secret Sister" from church.  Just love the punched tin.  It goes perfect in my outhouse bathroom.  The candle is a $.10 Goodwill bargain.

This is NOT a Goodwill bargain.  But I wanted to share it, because my sweet husband made it for me this weekend.  And I just had to share it with my blog friends.  He is very artistic with a scroll saw.  I love this!!

Blessings to ya!!

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  1. Love the basket. He is VERY artistic.

  2. Well, you probably know I love a bargain too! It practically ruins you for anything at full price. You got some sweet deals! But the sweetest deal of all sounds like that man of yours! LOL! What a darling little basket.


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