Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Child Evangelism Story

Feel free to use this story along with the clip-art I have included with it.  Just copy and paste everything into your computer's Word program and you should be able to print it right away.

“The Pumpkin and The Scarecrow”
by: Susanna Zeigler

It was a cold day in October and all around me was the beauty of Fall. Brightly colored leaves floated lazily down from the trees and scattered on the ground creating a beautiful carpet. The air was crisp and made me feel fresh and alive for the first time in my life.

As I lay there soaking in the beauty around me I knew that I was very blessed. And creeping into every fiber of my being came a desire to show my thanksgiving. And so I began to think of a way to give back to God but I couldn’t think of anything. Even though I felt fresh and alive I still was unaware of my purpose in life.

Several days went by and I began to get very impatient wondering what I could do with my life. I even started to get a little worried when I saw what the purpose was of those around me. I didn’t want to end up like that; it seemed so meaningless. That’s when I saw something out the corner of my eye. At first I was startled but soon realized it was harmless. Standing there straight and tall and arms out-stretched was a figure dressed in funny clothes. The moment our eyes met I knew this was someone who could help me in my dilemma.

The funny clothed figure looked at me with love and understanding in his eyes and kindly asked what the matter was. With a little hesitation I told him, and to my relief he did not laugh or make fun of me. And with the same kindness he said to me, “no matter what you are asked to do, do it with all your heart and do it the best you can.” It seemed so simple that I didn’t believe it at first, but I decided to believe and obey anyway.

Keeping my promise wasn’t always easy, for you see I am a Pumpkin and there are things pumpkins don’t want to do. Like being cooked, mashed, and baked into a pie or to sit on someone’s porch looking pretty. All those things seemed senseless to me.

Finally the day came when I would learn my purpose in life. My stomach was churning as the Farmer came closer and closer. Just as he was reaching down to pluck me from the vine I heard my friend, Scarecrow, say, “remember what I said and you will be a happy pumpkin.” Boy was I ever thankful for that gentle reminder because I was going to need it in the days that followed.

I thought that once the Farmer had picked me I would know what I was to be, but that was not the case. After the Farmer had filled his wagon full he hauled us to the Farm yard near the road and placed a huge “For Sale” sign against the side of the wagon and left us. And there I sat with dozens of other pumpkins waiting for someone to want me.

A few days went by and the number of pumpkins on the wagon was getting less and less. I was starting to get scared wondering if anyone would ever pick me. Than one chilly evening near the end of October a family stopped. It was a rather large family - eight kids and a Dad and Mom. They came running out of their vehicle laughing and giggling as if they’d never seen a pumpkin before. My first reaction was to not like them, but it didn’t take long to see what a fun, loving family they were. My next reaction was to sit up straight and tall so they would see me. This was a family I wanted to take me home with them.

I was starting to despair when two chubby, little hands grabbed me and began to yell “this is the one I want.” My heart began to pound with excitement thinking that my wish might come true. Then I heard Mother ask, “Are you sure, look at these ones over here?” My heart started to sink and then I heard, “I don’t want those, I want this one.” Finally, after what seemed like forever, they decided I was the one, and I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Even though I had been bought I still didn’t know what I would be doing. Would they turn me into pie? But my desire to be the best returned and I realized I was ready and willing to do anything.

It was an uneventful yet noisy ride to my new home. Upon arrival I was taken to the porch and set on a wooden table. As I looked around at my new surroundings I became very much aware of a funny looking object lying on the table next to me. I had no clue what it was but I was soon to find out.

Meanwhile in the house my new family was all sitting around the table with pencil and paper trying to see who could draw the best face; whatever for I didn’t know. All I knew is they were having a good time and I was sitting outside feeling lonely. After a time of drawing and voting the family all came out and gathered around me while the father picked up the funny object.

My throat suddenly became very dry as I realized the funny object was a carving knife and that this lovely family was going to use it on me. As the blade was inserted into my flesh a voice from the past flashed into my memory, “no matter what you are asked to do, do it with all your heart and do it the best you can.” And suddenly the pain didn’t seem so bad and I began to anticipate the future.

A hole was cut into the top of my head and all my insides scooped out. On one side of me was carved a toothy smile and on the inside of me a candle was placed. After the carving process was complete I was moved to the front of the house and placed on the top step and my candle was lit.

The family stood around a while admiring me and explaining how they couldn’t wait for Grandpa and Grandma to see me. Sitting there listening to them I soon realized I was quite the specimen and found myself enjoying my new job. After the family went inside for dinner I caught a glimpse of myself in the front door and my breath caught. Never before had I seen myself, and I looked so happy sitting there glowing from the candlelight. And a little song burst from my toothy smile, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…”

My message to all boy and girls is this: Jesus is standing with arms out-stretched waiting and longing for you to come to Him. Allow Him to come into your heart and life and become the best person that you can be for Jesus. There will be carving times in your life and there will be some pain. But with Jesus in your heart the future will always be bright.


  1. Hey great story ... may I use it for our church

    1. Yes you can. That is why I posted it on here :) Have a great day!!

    2. Mmm that was me ( Julie) asking don't have a screen name:)

    3. Oh ok :) Hi Jul!! I'll be posting more stories. No need to ask if you want to use any of them.


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