Thursday, November 1, 2012

November - A month of Thanksgiving

Unless you never updated your wall calendar this year, you don't need me to tell you what day and month this is :)  Except for "Black Friday"  and if you are a PA resident the 1st day of deer season, November and it's day of Thanksgiving is a "forgotten" holiday.  We seem to go from Halloween the day that kids scream give me give me for candy to Christmas where kids holler give me give me for toys. The narcissism can almost  make me lose my mind.

I have decided to join some of my facebook friends who post each day of the month something they are thankful for.  Because I can get wordy :) I decided to blog my thanks and then share to FB.  So here goes!!

November 1, 2012

My very first thankfulness is for my husband.  Yep I'm going to get mushy. ;)  Reuben to many of you is "trouble", an ornery guy who likes to have fun.  Which usually involves picking on people.  But to me, Reuben is my one and only best friend.  No he's not perfect.  He's made me down right mad a few times.  But for me he is perfect.  All my life, I had a Reuben size hole in my heart, at 6'3" that's a big hole. :) When I met him 12.5 years ago he slipped right in so perfectly. There was no guessing, no twisting and turning like a tricky puzzle piece.

My love and admiration for him goes beyond the tall, handsome guy I fell in love with at first sight.  He is my source of sanity from the craziness of life.  He is my source of strength and solidarity in a shifting world.  Those days when I feel extremely melancholy he slips his arms around me, holds me tight, and tells me how I am his world.  He don't get mad when I flub up supper, or forget to fold and put his underwear away. :)

He works hard to provide for his family so I can stay-at-home and raise our kids.  Quite often he cooks Saturday breakfast and Sunday's lunch so I can have a break.  He's a good chef!!  He's not been "too above" household jobs like laundry, dishes, and vacuuming when I've been sick or need a hand when company is coming.

He is the one that makes me laugh, think, sometime cry, and have helped me be a better person.  He strives to be sensitive to my emotions and needs.  He has never been demanding.  But rather gentle and makes me feel like a lady.  After 10 years of being married, he still opens my car door :)  He is the one on Sunday who combs the boy's hair, ties shoes, and gets all the kids into the van.

I couldn't have asked for a better life companion then my Reuben.  God was definitely smiling on me the day he brought the two of us together.  Those memories are some of my favorite and I hope that when Alzheimer comes I take those memories with me.  I'm glad it's not over, and when Friday rolls around my handsome trucker will be back home.  But in between then memories of phone calls & text messages will be made :)

I love you Reuben Romain!!  And I am VERY Thankful for you.  Doubly so on November 22 when it is your real birthday and not the fake ones you have made up through the year :) :)

Taken 12 years ago :) Boy were we young!!

Being "Trouble" :)

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