Friday, May 10, 2013

Big Decision Reveal!!

We are everything that big Government fears - God fearing, Bible believing, gun hunting family. LOL And because of that giving our kids a solid education in a Christian environment is very high on our priority list.  Our church has an awesome school that our school-aged children attend which requires me driving 72 miles a day to get them there and pick them back up.  I really don't want to spend the next 15 years doing that. Not to mention we love our church family so much we just want to move closer to them :)  We want to be able to have people over for a meal but can't expect people to drive so far out of their way.  It seems like God is opening the doors for us to move to the same town area that the school/church is located.  I thought I'd share this doll house with you that has served our family very well for 3 years.  We do have a potential buyer, but if you know of someone who is looking to buy in our area send them our way :)

I have simplified the kitchen for showings so as to make it more appealing to buyers. Mr. Z gave is a fresh coat of paint on both ceiling and walls. We left under the cabinets the "burnt gingerbread" just for a little character.
Living room

The Master bedroom

One of the bedrooms upstairs. Believe it or not this cozy cottage has 4 bedrooms.

What country bathroom is complete without outhouses :)

Mr. Z mulched!!  Its not black but it is mulch and man, what a difference!!

I was never a pink person until I had my little Katie Rose. I just had to buy this the other day at the Farm Market cause it made me think of my Rosebud as I sometimes call her :)

Flowering crab-apple is beautiful right now.

Hopefully we can sell soon so we can move to the big house in the big woods :)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful home. If I was looking to move into the area I would certainly give it some thought but I don't blame you for wanting to be closer to where everything is. Blessings on you during this transition. Enjoy the move!!!!!

  2. Best of luck with the selling of your home and moving forward.
    Farmhouse hugs,


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