Saturday, May 4, 2013

Porch Primping & More

Driving home from the chiropractor Friday morning my in-love-with-red-geraniums eye caught sight of these beauties at our local farm market. So I swung in and picked me up a couple along with spiked grass. I already knew what I was going to do with them; thus, I could hardly wait to get home and just do it :)  Yes, I'm a bit crazy I know.  But you might as well know Red Geraniums and me are like a husband and wife, we have to have each other. LOL  

I started with this set up.  I saw a technique for potted plants on Pinterest to help keep moisture in the dirt better; thus, keep them from needing watered every day and keeping them healthy.
The technique involves an unused, disposable baby diaper.  I put some soil in the pot first, then I put the diaper in next opened up and inside of diaper facing toward me. Then I filled the pot the rest of the way with the dirt.  Don't know if it will work or not, but I'm trying it :)  In case you are wondering, diapers can hold a VERY large amount of liquid, therefore helping to keep the water from just running right out of the pot every time you water.
Then I planted my beautiful "Patriot Red Geraniums" and 2 tall spikes.  I like spikes because they add height to potted flowers and they don't take up a lot of room.
Since I had 2 extra Spikes I planted them in a different pot so they wouldn't just die and go to waste. I like how they add a little extra greenery to this corner of my porch.  We must like growing grass around here cause the short grass is my son's. He has really taken an interest in growing things this year and likes to take the scissors to it and give it a good trimming every now-n-then :)

The wind chime is probably my favorite type of music. It's sweet lullabies always bring a sense of relaxation. This is my first bamboo chime and I love it. It's music is totally different then it's metal kin.

Our Bleeding Hearts of blooming profusely this year.  These beauties came all the way from New York with us and seem to love living in Ohio :)
Don't you just love their dainty, delicate blossoms?  They are a very fascinating and unique flower.

Our apple tree is in her bridal attire.  She is always so beautiful this time of year and oh the perfume you gives off is just incredible.  I inhale deeply every time I walk outside.  I don't know if candle companies have ever made an apple blossom scent, but they need to.  

Well that is all for now. Company is coming and I still have a few things to do before they arrive. I hope this post has given a little inspiration to someone. Have a blessed day!!

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  1. Your apple tree!!! It is picture perfect with the blooms, the tire swing, and the fence behind it.
    Farmhouse hugs,


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