Monday, July 28, 2014

Honestly Thinking Out Loud

Warning - just random old pictures to go with the random thinking.
I was told once that if we ask God to teach us concerning issue in our lives He will be faithful to do just that. I've had some real trying issues for the last few months. Some days it seemed like things were getting better, that progress was being made. Then along would come a giant crater to mess things up all over again. More than once I just wanted to throw in the towel and say "I'm done". Deep in my soul I knew that wasn't right. My Dad always told me "you don't run from your problems, it will never make a real person out of you". Quite honestly, being a real person just wasn't looking like it was worth it. Being the introvert that I am, becoming a hermit was more my idea of a real person.  Or at least a real lucky one.

When going through difficult circumstances it is SO easy to put blinders on as we view the situation; and therefore, we never see just how much we ourselves are to blame. All we can see is that we've been hurt. If it's happened several times we even become hardened toward that particular person. I quick analysis of the problem leaves us an innocent victim. 

However, if the problems keep rising maybe a more in depth study is needed. Maybe a thorough examination of one's self is necessary after all. I must tell ya, it's painful! It's humbling! It can also be overwhelming. Especially, when the things that have been done/said can never EVER be reversed. WHAT DO YOU DO?! The natural instinct is to crawl into a hole and say "what's the use".  My up-bringing tells me to suck it up. 

I feel lost and confused. Not to mention all alone. A small, quiet voice reminds me to ask Him for wisdom. All along I'd only been asking for partial wisdom - Lord, deal with the other person. It's been amazing to watch what happens when I start praying for complete wisdom - Lord, deal with me too. 

The course we love to sing at Penn View came to my mind yesterday as I was listening to the Sunday morning message: 
There's a miracle in the making
One just for you the Father is working even now.
Your prayers have been heard and the answer is on the way
There's a miracle in the making for you today.

The miracle was nothing elaborate. It was none other than God answering my prayer before I even prayed. The Sunday School lesson and the morning message was the answer to my hopeless problem. The Sunday School lesson was one I would not have heard if it wasn't for a mess up in S.S. teachers. I don't sit in that particular class, but God worked it out that I would cause He knew I needed that lesson. 
Did I want to jump up and testify and praise the Lord and be all excited cause God had answered prayer. NO WAY! More like I wanted to grab a blankie and suck my thumb cause I got too many boo boos listening to that lesson. It was like a mirror had been placed in front of me and I was able to see myself for who I really was - OUCH!

I find it wonderful that when you know you've heard God speak, even if what He has said hurts, it can give so much peace. Peace doesn't mean it's going to be an easy row to hoe, but it gives you the "I can do this" attitude. The natural tendency is always to take the path of least resistance. 
God said you're gonna make it
You're gonna make it through the raging storm.
Don't worry over thunder.
You're not going under.
God said you're gonna make it
You're gonna make it cause the Master's on board.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Truly Wistful Summer

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 
― John LubbockThe Use Of Life

Hydrangea tree

Seemed but yesterday we were trying to till the garden between the Spring rains. We planted the seeds and seemed like a long time before it progressed. Its rather relaxing after the hard work of tilling and planting - to let the garden sit while nature does it's thing. 
Now we get in there and have to weed, which is a job I actually enjoy. I don't use a hoe, it's pointless when the weeds are right around the plant. It's safer to pull them by hand. So I get on my hands and knees and crawl along. But it's really a wonderful thing, the smell of the dirt, the smell of green beans, etc...

Summer is moving right along whether we keep up with it or not. It doesn't wait for us. The green beans are flowering. 
The carrots are growing bigger each day.
The blueberries are turning.
And the roses are blooming.

As I crawl along the dirt path of the garden plucking weeds away from my tender plants my mind travels all over the place. I hear the sounds of childish squeals as the kids pull each other in a reckless manner in the red Flyer wagon. I hear the crow of a nearby rooster. The warmth of the sun is on my back. Often I breathe a prayer of thanksgiving that God allows me to be a part of his awesome world. Amid-st a society that is full of sin, sin that brings sorrow, sadness, and turmoil. As a Christian, I live outside of such things because I choose Jesus. Allowing me to enjoy a wistful summer. 

You might be thinking - HUH, a wistful summer? That is child talk. It
It's a sad and miserable person who thinks that. A person who has allowed themselves to be weighted down with too many cares. Why not give them to the "burden bearer" and learn to love life. It will keep you feeling young, in your soul at least :-)

This was nothing but an empty dirt bed when we loved here. It is full of rich, black soil. So we turned it into a rose garden. Since it's just getting started the plants are small. But they are doing really well here.
A pink rose that has a slight tinge of yellow.
Deep orange. Picture doesn't do it justice.
Large pink. These smell SO good!

Cheerful sunflowers greet us at the back door. Many people can't stand summer due to the heat. As far as I'm concerned there is no more delightful season with all its different and colorful flowers. Lush green grass. Trees are dressed in their greenery creating much privacy from a neighbor's view. No need to put on a coat before stepping outside. Flip-flops are the preferred footwear. Such freedom!

A friend of mine who lives in the great state of Wyoming sells doTerra essential oils. this is not a paid ad and she didn't ask me to do this. She's been telling me about Terrashield . You put it on your wrists and ankles and the pest of summer mosquitoes, etc won't bother you. So I made an order because the skitters are terrible around here. It arrived the other day. This morning was our 1st opportunity to test this product. For the 1st time we were able to sit around the campfire and not have one pest bother us. I highly recommend this product. It can be ordered directly from her website Very fast and efficient service.

A summer is never complete unless you are grilling up yummy food. Like these foil dinners
Note: take them off grill as soon as the meat is finished cooking. They burn fast :-P

My most favorite thing about summer and it's truly wistful, and that is the little dates Mr. Z and I can have in the quietness of our backyard. Preferably near the garden. :-)

I hope your summer is going well! I know some of you are moving, some are going through hard times that seem out of your control. I encourage you to look for opportunities to enjoy a small moment at least once a week. One does not have to go away on fancy vacations to have a great summer. That is such a myth! Summer is wasted if that's our mindset. 

My boys are enjoying having a friend over most everyday. They ride their bikes to the creek to catch crawdads and do a little swimming.  Fishing trips to the lake with Mr.Z. They enjoyed 3.5 days of youth camp. Truly, they will look back on this summer with the fondest of memories. 

Have a blissful day!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Wistful Summer? Hmm!

So I was gearing up, taking pictures, gearing my thoughts about my next blog post. I sit down to the computer to upload my pictures. I'm doing my thing and while I'm at it I decide to try a new method thinking it would be faster. Well, that 1 move was a wrong move and all my pictures went blewy. Gone forever! O YAY! Not only was there blogging pictures but the only pictures I had of Sam's 5th birthday. O well!! Lesson learned - never try that shortcut again.

So a post about a "Wistful Summer" will have to wait for another day. 

Since I'm in my writing mood, I can't let lost pictures stop me. Since it was dark outside I could go retake the ones I'd lost so I went around the house taking different pictures. If you haven't figured out by now, I can't blog without pictures. I am a visionary person. One of the reasons I love Pinterest. I don't like huge long post with nothing to look at. It's boring! So off I went around my house gathering pictures.

So this post went from being about a lazy, summer to my latest bargain finds. Yes, I know another one of those posts. You love it and you know it :-) Well maybe. I like showing my finds to you after I have put them where I want them so you can see what I did with the item and maybe it will give some ideas to someone else.  Trust me, I will never be offended if someone takes what they see on here and mimics it. 

O yea, by the way, the above photo. I almost forgot to talk about it :-P old age The Home Interiors picture sitting on an easel. Found it at my trusty ole Restore. This sits on the fireplace mantel.

A sweet and unique shaped, rusty basket. Also found at the Restore.

The wallpaper border in my kitchen has woolly sheep on it. When I spotted the sheep/arrow sign at a yard sale I knew it was mine. Take a close look at the window and you will see 2 shutters. They are wooden and I found them at the Restore. I love the country charm they add. 

I love lanterns! Especially, red barn lanterns. Also from the Restore.

A heavy (clunk you over the head heavy) cast iron candle holder that looks like a ladle. Same yard sale as sheep sign. That was an awesome sale! The best one yet - the lady's stuff was SO me.

Primitive tapers that are on the chunky side. 

The 1st set of shutters I picked up from the Restore. I guess you could say if I'm going to have old windows and doors I might as well have the shutters too. o where is a stick out the tongue smiley face

This find is probably the one that made me smile the most and my mother-n-law is going to love this one. A cow bell. Same yard sale as the sheep sign. The lady asked me "so do you have cows or do you just like it?" The smarty in me whats to say "what kind of a question is that. One doth not needth cows to havest a cow bell." I was nice :-) By the way, the bell has a really nice ring to it :-)

Last but not least from that yard sale, a Dry Goods sign. This is in the dining room.

And lastly, a whimsical, little, itty bitty outhouse. Is it a person or a critter? hee hee

Just for kicks:

I'm someone who likes to know things. And if I don't know it, I google it. :-P Back in college days a personality test was given in Psych class (just for fun). Well, the old age thing doesn't let me have a clear memory on my results. For reasons I don't know, I wanted to know what am I. Huh! Not that I don't already know. I know myself quite well, just not the ancient word. Melancholic, Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic. 

So guess what I do, I google a personalty test and take one. 

Here's what I discovered:
The phlegmatic temperament is traditionally associated with water. People with this temperament may be inward and private, thoughtful, reasonable, calm, patient, caring, and tolerant. They tend to have a rich inner life, seek a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, and be content with themselves. They tend to be steadfast, consistent in their habits, and thus steady and faithful friends.[14][15]
Pedagogically, their interest is often awakened by experiencing others' interest in a subject.[16]
People of this temperament may appear somewhat ponderous or clumsy. Their speech tends to be slow or appear hesitant.
Yea, yea! I already knew all that!!  
Good Night All!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Making Memories

When you think back to childhood, what is one of your favorite memories? Especially, a summer memory (since that's what time of year it is). My dad was a hard, hard worker so we basically never went on family vacations. Every few years we would fly west to visit mom's side of the family. Other than that home life was all we knew. Probably the very reason I am such a homebody. A fact about me that probably drives Mr. Z out of his mind :-) My family always had a HUGE garden when I was a kid. We grew all our food. And one of the things we did was go to the woods as a family and pick berries. 
Berry picking is a favorite memory. I remember we would pile into the old station wagon and off we'd go down the back roads and I'm talking real back roads as in dirt roads in Greene County PA. My parents knew where the patches were and we would have all mom's big cooking pots and we would pick until they were full. Talk about a yummy job :-) 
Today I made some of those same memories with my kids. It wasn't the back woods of PA but rather the lush, green grassy yard of the parsonage. The kids were all into until their bellies were full then they decided to run off and play :-) Such good help :-p
Beautiful, juicy berries that will leave your teeth full of seeds. I love berry season! It means purple hands, yummy smells, new batches of jam, and healthy snacks.
Fill a bowl, sprinkle sugar on top, and pour in a little milk. Summer provides the BEST bedtime eating.
Just for kicks, I'm throwing in this picture of Mr. Z I took today. He never had a clue, he was too busy facebooking while tilling. What did people do before smartphones anyway? I really wish blogger would have smiley faces :-) Random thought there I know but...

This week has been a productive week so far, loads of laundry done, weeding getting done, basement cleaned, Sammy turns 5, boys get shipped off to youth camp, and memories getting made.

Good Night All!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Tables?! BLAH! What a boring subject title I know. But it is what is the latest thing around here and thought I would share :-)
Back late winter, I posted a picture onto facebook of an empty porch. And stated I couldn't wait until nicer weather and being able to utilize that room.
We are slowly getting there. And 2 days ago was a huge turning point in getting the job done. While running errands in town we saw a sign for an estate sale. And we found this beautiful table with 4 chairs - all for $50.00
The picture does not due it justice. It's a beautiful set and for a price that would be stupid to pass up. Last night after our own yard sale we ate our pizza here and then today's lunch was enjoyed out here. While the skies drizzled we were able to sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors and not get wet. So peaceful!
This porch tends to be patriotic with country hues which goes perfect against the dark wall and wood ceiling.
The best view is straight out from where I am sitting - the back yard with this numerous trees that is home to dozens of birds. One would have to be considered loco to sit out here and not enjoy it. Just last evening after the kids had gone to bed me and the dog sat in the chairs enjoying the peacefulness of it all. Watching the garden grow, listening to the birds as they sang their nighttime songs...SIGH
The thing that makes this table extra sweet was it was Mr. Z's idea. What a romantic guy :-)

Back a few months ago, some of you will remember I found 3 old windows alongside of of the road that started me on my old window adventure. Yea yea, I know, some of you are still shaking your head over that one. Well what you didn't know was that one of those windows had not yet had anything done with it. You probably thought so cause I've done several window project but 1 of the first 3 was not part of those because I had other things in mind for it which took awhile to come to fruition. 
A window table it is!!
It's rustic and very simple but I like it. The Queen of England wouldn't be caught dead with it in your possession, but hey, what does she know about the primitive lifestyle ;-)

Well yesterday I did the host your own yard-sale thinga-ma-jig. I used to have them most every summer in NY and always did extremely well. Ohio on the other hand is a complete dud. I've had 3 now and yesterday was by far the best success, but still so pathetic that I think I will stick to shopping them instead. It's way easier to just take ones stuff to the Goodwill or to the Restore. But it's done and the kids learned that they don't have to pester Mom anymore about having one :-)

It is a beautiful Lord's Day! The weather is perfect! Except for the sound of someone's mower (that should be outlawed on Sundays) it is nice and quiet out here. Trust your day is one of perfect relaxation!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tis the Season -

One of the great advantages to living more in town is one's access to yard/garage sales. We live on the opposite side of the town from Walmart and Aldi which means there is oodles of sales between me and my destination. Okay, so my trip to the store takes a lot longer now because I keep making stops... Its fun when I can park my van and walk to 2 or 3 at one time. It really does make for a successful shopping day. You probably think I buy at every one I go to. snicker Have no fear I walk away from places that have high prices, no prices, and/or all junk. 
Here is some of the loot of acquired so far this summer...
"Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs" .50 cents and candle holder .75 cents. And no, I did not stage this just for this picture. It sits in my living room as is :-)

My heart always sings when I find old Home Interiors products. This whole ensemble was $5.00 - 
The floral swag is another retired Home Interiors piece and I paid $1.50 - LOVE it when I can buy those products for a fraction of their original cost.

One can't have a Roo without a barn ;-) - .50 cents. 
When we bought this house all the wall border in the front entry and down the hall had a peeling problem. I big chunk had already been torn off. I've just let it be until I came across the right item for the right price. Awhile back I bought some border at the Restore but it just never set well with me. So I put it in my box to resell it. Well, last weekend I found this border. Brand new rolls - $1.00 a roll. I love the little saying "the road to a friends house is never far"

I LOVE transferware, especially this pattern and in blue. I was able to add to my collection this weekend with another large plate, tea cup, saucer, and bowl - $3.00 for all.
This girl can never have too many doilies. Found some 2 weeks ago for .25 cents They go a long way in giving that cottage feel that I am going for around this house.
Just for kicks :-)
If you know me well enough, you should know that I'm always ready for a good laugh, sarcasm is one of my languages. This fun sign hangs on the door of dining room hutch. It gives a chuckle to everyone :-) 

Summer is here, VBS is already over, soon Independence Day will be another day marked off this year's calendar. I trust you are making the most of every hot, humid day. I've been staying busy most days will find 5 kids at my house since I watch one of my boy's classmate so his mom can work. There is grass to mow, weeds to pull, flowers to water, mosquitoes to swat, and sweat to wipe off. There is also hot dog roasts around the open fire, melty, gooey marshmellows to eat, fire flies to watch, and sweet tea to drink from Mason jars. It's a good life!! 

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