Monday, August 11, 2014

My Back-Yard Retreat and Other Randoms

Greetings & Salutations!!
Oh yeah, Hey All :-)

Sorry about that, for a moment I forgot who I was. ;-)

Do you remember this picture from back in late winter? It was a random, freak day. 70 degrees. The warm weather had dragged me and Katie outside. I hauled her house down to the area where our garden would be planted. This stump was a weedy, brier mess before I was done with it.
This is what it looked like this evening in the rain.
It's a perfect, cozy setting with irises, Black-eyed Susans, red Inpatients, and black berries
As you can imagine, Katie and Sam both love to play here.

I think this is my favorite part of summer. All the flowers we planted from seed are blooming. They are big, beautiful, and fill in all the empty places. This is our patio off the living room. 
We have Zinnas
They come in pink, red, and orange - so far.
Some Marigolds.

Across the front of patio.
We have lots of Cosmos.
We have Sunflowers, but I didn't take a picture of those cause they aren't blooming yet.

Morning Glories creeping their way up the bird feeder. These flowers take me back to my childhood. Mom used to plant them by the front door and they grew up the side of the porch. I can't wait to see their blue faces.

Our coral rose bush.

Ryan got to go with Mr. Z on a special mission a couple days ago. Feeling left our, I offered to play a game with Lucas. Can you believe it! At almost 34 years old I played my first ever Candy-Land game. Either I had a deprived childhood or my parent's thought I was more deserving of something that would stimulate the brain :-) He beat me 2 out of the 3 games :-)

Apple caramel cake - YUM!! A cake that will give you mixed feeling about Autumn. I Love Love Autumn, but I'm just really enjoying this summer. 

I have a few pieces of sterling silver. It was badly in need of a good polishing. Guess what, I don't have any. So I improvised.
These plus boiling water were my ingredients.
I lined a basin with the foil. Laid my pieces on top of foil and sprinkled generously with baking soda.
Then I poured boiling water into basin and used wooden spoon to swish everything around.
Warning: it's a stinky task. Smells like sulphur water.
I didn't do the sugar bowl holding candle. But the other pieces were really improved. 

For random sake:
Only 2 days to go and Mom with be here!!!

Today has been a very rainy day. It's August. Walking to the garden I heard the train whistle.
What do those 3 things have in common with you New Yorkers?

Answer: Binghamton Camp :-)

Have a good night y'all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Getting Ready :-)

Excitement is building around here. At least, for me it is. The count down is on - 1 week from today a plane from Las Vegas, Nevada will land in Pittsburgh, PA carrying precious cargo. My Mother!! 

This month of this year my oldest sibling will go over the hill in age :-) hee hee Mom is making a point to come and celebrate his milestone. Of course, 5 days after he goes over the hill we will celebrate my birthday. But I'm not even close to being that old...yet...!!

A couple days ago I get a phone call while I'm busy pulling weeds around my tomato plants. "Hey Suz, this is your Dad. Your mom is coming in such and such a day at such and such time. She'll probably be at your house for breakfast the next morning." Those are sweet, sweet words. So I go into action. The Windex and window squeegee comes out and produces windows without finger and paw prints. A rag finds it way to all the dust-baseboards, book-shelves, etc... Furniture gets re-arranged. Some moved to completely different rooms. 
You could say another round of Spring cleaning has hit this house.

The little round table that sat in this corner got demoted to the living room. And the 2nd extra chair was put in it's place
Now the furniture in this room is symmetrical - not that I ever cared :-)

The little chair that sat in this corner was given a lift. Now it no longer looks lost.

My large cast iron fork and spoon were added to this display. As well as the pewter plate at the far, left top. You can't see it's details but the plate has a seen of grain being harvested the old way engraved into it with the caption "Give us this day our daily bread".

Our engagement picture that had been framed by a plain Jane oak is now framed in fancy schmancy. Found at a yard sale for $2.00. It looks tons better.

My hope chest that had sat in the living room has been moved to the front entry. And all the stuff that had been on the table in dining room now finds it's home here.
A basket of bears to great you if you choose to come to the front door.
I think it added the perfect touch to this part of the house. 

Extra little touches have been added to this corner of the living room. 
Next to tackle will be my bedroom. Not much to do but dust, sweep, and mop. I run a pretty organized ship around here. Everything has a home - I'm not one of those OCD freaks where everything is tucked in matching baskets with labels. One does not need to go to that extreme to keep de-cluttered. 

I can't wait! This is the 1 week of summer I hope fly's.

For random sake:
Mr. Z doing what?!! Hmm!! :-)

Have a great evening y'all!!

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