Monday, April 29, 2013

2013's First Yard Sale

One of the things I love and look forward to in Spring is the start-up of yard sales.  No other means can you find great products for your home for cents.  Nor is there a better means for finding items to resale on ebay or etsy.  This past Friday was yard sale #1 of the new year.  I was totally excited!!!
My husband & I were driving toward home Friday morning and instead of turning down our road he turns left.  Gotta love a guy who knows my love for yard sales and takes me to one without me asking.  We found is fun bargains. I forgot to get a picture of the small kids, lawn chair that we got too. Oh well!!
I love doily's especially hand-stitched ones for .10

I thought this soap dish will go perfectly in my "Outhouse" bathroom.

I loved this little, old picture frame. It looks like it should be a mirror since it tilts.  I'm not sure, I thinking I might turn the glass part into a chalk board. What do you think??  I love some of the little chalk boards I've seen in blogland where people put a daily scripture verse on them and they sit in unique places, eg, bathroom counter, kitchen window, etc...  I'd like to do that with this :)

A 16 pc set for $5.00. There was 2 boxes and we bought both of them.  They are very pretty and something different from the normal dishes that have color.

Prior to the yard sale we had been over in the big town where my husband's work is located. He had training and I went along for the ride knowing that there was a "Home Goods" store over there.  I didn't even get 1/2 through the decor stuff when he texted his meeting was done. But here is a few things I scored on :)
The oil/chicken bottle I got to put my dish soap in so that way it looks pretty sitting on the counter :)  A bamboo flipper for the pancake griddle, and a lavender cake mix just because that fascinates me :) 

It's been a good, fun weekend!! Now it's Monday and my to-do list isn't shrinking with me on here so until next time, have a wonderful week!!


  1. I love your idea of making the picture frame into a chalkboard for daily Scriptures. It's such a unique frame to start with!

    I also love the clear dishes. A fellow pastor's wife uses clear dishes and adds colored placemats and such underneath to add whatever color she wants to use that day. I've often thought the idea was a unique one.

  2. I love yard sales. I love that tub!!!! You scored some great goodies.


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