Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 - My Boys

If you are very old at all you know that our lives are forever changing. Most people prefer a daily routine and it hardly ever varies.  But even with the most organized, mundane person change comes.  Whether it be going back to college, a promotion at work, or even something as silly as getting gray hair :)  Big change came for me in the form of 3 little people, whom I call my boys - Ryan, Lucas, & Samuel.  So today I am thankful for these 3 rascals that God has entrusted into Reuben's & my care.

They are 100% boy!!  The picture above describes them to a T. Fishing, hunting, & fighting are what makes them tick.  Rough housing and making a mess is their #1 game.  They never seem to rest until their room is an up-side down wreck.  So if you ever come to call and the look in my eye is but afar, have no fear, for all I'm doing is surviving :) :)

Thank you Lord for the 3 boys you have given to keep me ever humble.  Cause without them I'd probably not realize how much in need I am of you!!

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