Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Girly Stuff

Don't know if you caught it or not, but I whispered on my previous post that I was thinking of shabbying up the curio that sits on top of Katie's dresser.  Well I hopped to it and got it done plus another piece that I will show you.  I think it really helped to give it that girly look/feel.
After I sprayed it I sanded some of the white back off along edges and corners which produced a rich, worn look.  The cherry color stain underneath was perfect for giving a vintage look.

Lets take a peek inside shall we :)
This old timey picture was purchased for .75 and makes it's home on the bottom shelf.

This is the middle shelf and it contains items from my childhood.  You should shop your home every now and then.  It's fun and amazing the things you will find :)

The teapot was a gift from my Mom. And the votive holder was gift from a lady in our church. After reading my last post gave me a few things she had.  So I thought she would like to see how I've used them.

It is a pretty display that has been fun piecing it all together.

Now let move over to a cozy corner of the room.
First off, please ignore the floor. The previous owners had a boy in this room and the room was painted to look like a ball diamond.  The floor is the stupidest thing ever. It is hard as concrete, porous, and don't clean. So until we can do something about it, it will have to remain an ugly part of the room. (sigh)

The rocking chair has been in the family since I was a baby. Making it kinda special.  The hand-stitched blanket draped over the back was my Grandma's when she was a baby. The table cloth was my Great-Grandma's.

This adorable lamp was another item given from JoAnn. What a perfect fit in here.  Since it is smallish I took 3 boxes containing "American Girl" books from my childhood and used them for height.

The bicycle was from my Home Interiors days. The bunny was a dollar store find.  He was located in their garden section.  I love his color and think it adds a touch of variety among the pinks.  Just another example to think outside the box-garden art don't have to be garden art :)

This is what you see when you first walk into the room.  And this shelf is the other cherry piece that I shabbied.  Really like how it turned out and it helps all the stuff on it to pop.
The big metal bird is another Dollar Store garden art.  The butterfly box was made by my Hubs. The black shoe which is partially cover is an old fashioned high heeled boot purchased at a yard sale. Don't remember it's price.  The easel that holds the picture was .50 from Goodwill.  And last but not least the painted daisies  were also Goodwill finds at .25 ea.

I am currently working on painting a vintage cabinet that is going to be used in the living room.  So stay tuned cause once it's done I'll let ya take a look.

It's Spring here today in Ohio so enjoy the beautiful day and I'll see you next post!!

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  1. It's like spring here also, but serious storms will be rolling in soon. I see you're getting a lot done within your home. Looks like spring inside...pretty!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  2. It is nice to have so many family heirlooms. I love the little teapot from your Mom too.


  3. Simply lovely, I could be very comfortable sipping tea and reading in that cozy corner! Diane


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