Thursday, January 3, 2013

Furry & Feathered Friends

This beautiful Fox squirrel did NOT want his picture taken :)  Me trying to find something in the camera is about as interesting as when I'm hunting and trying to find what I'm shooting through the scope. I'm all over the neighborhood trying to locate the critter. LOL  With that in mind, by the time I would find this guy in the camera he had scampered to the other side of the tree.  Besides his backside this was the best shot I got.

Hidden in our decorative Pear tree is a female cardinal.  I hung a suet feeder up for them and today they found it. We all love watching these feathered creatures. They are a soothing sight during a cold, snowy winter.  

It is nice to be able to get these pictures from my front door. :) 

A sweet Chickadee - one of my favorites.

I saw pesky, ole Blue Jay yesterday when I didn't have the camera. But I'll snap his picture before this winter's over. Whether he likes it or not :) :)

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  1. Your snow is so beautiful! And I love to see that you feed the birdies. It's so exciting when they find the feeder. You never know who will pop by. I think wildlife photos are so hard I don't even try anymore. Pretty good for your squirrel! Stay cozy! Happy new year!


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