Monday, January 7, 2013

A Dirt Road Christmas

My friend, Hulda Newcome, and myself were given the privilege to decorate the "Dirt Road Christmas". Here is a few pictures that capture the fun, ole' timey Christmas.  

"Dirt Road Christmas" was the result of a certain southern gentlemen who has a vision to bring culture to us Yankees.  Not sure any of us are ready to become Rebels now but we all enjoyed a little taste of Dixie :)  With that little intro, grab your lantern and a thermos of homemade hot chocolate and come with me for a little visit where South meets North :)

It took place in an old school auditorium.  But forget that and pretend you are down an old, fashioned dirt road where most everyone is farmers and working hard with our hands is the norm.

There was story telling and Blue Grass ♪♪♫

There were carolers to greet the guest as they came in.

A country Nativity :)
Old, rusty, and worn could be found everywhere.
Including Grandma :)

And just down the path were lots of vittles.

The Rebel himself!!

That's all folks!  Goodnight and y'all stay warm :)


  1. Oh Wow...that is just wonderful! You did such a good job with that! We have our big family Christmas in a pole barn heated by a wood stove! Our family is too big to have inside my parents' house anymore! I keep telling my hubby that we need to have a "Party Barn" too! I made my way to your blog by way of Homestead Blessings. I LOVE THOSE LADIES!!!!! Blessings! Beth

    1. Thank you for stopping by!! I just found "Homestead Blessing" via pinterest. I find that lifestyle very fascinating and hope to learn a few things :)

      Christmas in a pole barn sounds like fun. My husband's side of the family should do that.

      Have a great day!


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