Saturday, January 26, 2013

Girly Vignettes using Bargain Items

I don't consider myself an expert in the area of decorating. However, I have learned a few things over the years, especially when I was a consultant for both "Home Interiors" and "Home & Garden Party".  I'm posting these pictures only as a means to inspire and maybe give a few ideas to help others in fixing up their homes.  I'm always changing and moving things around so stuff never really stays the same around here.
(Thinking about shabbying that curio by giving it a spray paint do)
My little girl came last and I'm having the time of my life fixing up her room.  It is a work in progress because I live on a quilt-string budget.  Hunting down sweet little bargains at thrift stores is one of my loves.

This purse lamp is a $4.00 bargain.  The vintage frog vase $.75.  The Kim Anderson couple were mine as a teenager so that was free.
I just love the lamp, it fits my Katie Rose perfectly :)

I found this Shabby, solid wood frame with a piece of glass for $2.00.  I got on Pinterest (yes, I'm a Pinterest junkie) and did a search for free subway art that had to do with girls.  There is quite a bit to pick from. This one jumped out at me the most.  I printed it out onto white cardstock.  And there I have a sweet piece of art that adds a nice touch for pennies.

The fun picture here I got at a yard sale for .75. It was an after thought stop on the way home from school so I didn't have much cash on me. Sure wish I had that lady was selling lots of awesome stuff for pennies. Oh well!! :)  The cowgirl boots were given to Katie from friends. I thought it was a cute way to store them out of reach until she grows into them.  The laugh vase came from my secret sister. And the pink vase on the end was a .25 find.

(pictures with glass or hard to photograph. Nice glare going on there)
I love this old "Home Interiors" picture.  I got it for a sweet $5.00.  The Butterfly Kisses I did pay retail price   for, but somethings you just have to. Right? :) :)

As you can see, one can live in a pretty house on a one person income using other people's cast aways. Ya just have to take some time to hunt down the bargains. You might go into a thrift store or stop at a yard sale and feel like you wasted your time. But don't give up.  A real gem might be at the next stop.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Cute love it! Julie

  2. These are sweet vignettes - love the purse lamp! How cool is that!

  3. hello
    merci pour le petit mot
    votre billet est très beau et très tendre
    le rose est tellement une belle couleur
    à très bientôt
    edith ( iris )♥♥♥

  4. It's so fun fixing up girl's rooms! Love that darling lamp! Your Katie Rose is a lucky girl!

  5. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing.


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