Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lemonade? Or Is It Mulch??

I'm a firm believer that when life throws lemons at you you make lemonade.  Believe me I know it's NOT always easy to practice.  But if you are ever want to experience a good, full-filling life you have to learn to make the best of every situation. 

You are probably thinking I've done fallen off the carrot truck and hit my silly noggin because what in the world does lemonade have to do with flower beds and mulch. :)  Pretty observant there :) :)  

One of the things that I LOVE is well taken care of flower beds which include fresh, black mulch.  Nothing gives a house curb appeal like well edged and mulched beds. Its been 2 years since we mulched these beds and because we've planted new things in them since then they've been sorely necked from lack of black, shredded wood (mulch).  For reasons I won't go into here we weren't sure if we would do it again this year. So they were continuing to be an eye sore. As you can see below.
Yesterday had turned out to be a wash out of a day for me.  The answer to our question that we got was NOT what I wanted to hear.  So it left me feeling hopeless, discouraged, and totally void of energy. This morning I woke up feeling much better but I still wasn't ready to take on the world. 

Today found me at one point taking a trip to the gas station to get fuel for the mower so we could finish our 1st cutting of the year :)  As I pulled into the Marathon I see huge piles of bagged mulch and a bright yellow sign reading 4 bags $9.99.  No offense to my sweetheart :P  But I was glad he was somewhere in Wisconsin delivering frozen yogurt because he hates bagged mulch.  As a previous landscaper for over 5 years you DON'T buy bagged mulch :) :P  You buy in bulk :P

Whoa be unto me but when I saw that huge pile and the yellow sign I knew I had found some lemonade. Everyday life is something you just have to break out of to get your mind off problems/situations.  Doing laundry, dishes, feeding kids, and keeping the house tidy was a norm I needed to get away from.  And sitting on FB or pinterest or blogland certainly wasn't going to produce lemonade.  You have to DO something!! Something that will make you and/or someone else smile :)

And so something I did.  After buying fuel and exchanging a propane tank I loaded 4 bags of mulch into my van and went home. It must have been longer then 2 years since we mulched cause my kids had no idea what I planned to do with the stuff.  No, those 4 bags didn't go very far but it was a start.  And it makes me SMILE!!  And I feel refreshed in my spirits as a tall glass of lemonade to a thirsty body.

Happy Wednesday y'all!!

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  1. It's the little things in life that can make us happy.
    Farmhouse hugs,


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