Monday, April 8, 2013

No Greater Joy

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
                                                                 --III John 1:4

Many days, motherhood can leave me with a splitting headache cause I've hit my head against the brick wall all day long.  Those moments, when all four kids are at the top of their lungs, throwing angry fits, and/or bullying each other, I question my sanity and ask myself for the millionth time how I got  into this fix.  My 15 years of education, a savings account, and used to be perfectly clean house seems to mock at me as I play Drill Sergeant, wipe runny noses, and change poopy diapers.  Every now and then something happens to help clear the smog so that my vision is clear and I can once again see God's plan.

Being a stay-at-home mom isn't something that I totally relish. Many people envision SAHMs as pj clad females who sit around in luxury all day watching TV, never lifting their manicured nail to do anything. Bahahahahaha  Quite often I get $$ these signs in my eyes and it makes raising kids a real challenge. Because at least a "real" job I would get paid for working 8 hours instead of ungrateful kidss who demand 13 hours. .

As I mentioned everything now and then I am allowed to see the puzzle being put together and sometimes I think I catch a glimpse of what it will be. Today held one of those moments.  My oldest boy asks if we could go into my bedroom and talk and my heart said respond to him NOW.  So we go in and close the door because there is no privacy with 3 other siblings.  Very nervously he asks me "how can I be a Christian". To save you the details, after I explained the simplicity of asking Jesus to forgive us our sins and to come live in our heart we knelt and prayed. Later he said his heart felt very light and the guilty burden was totally gone.  

This same boy told me some time ago that God told him he's to be a missionary to Peru when he grows up. It is things like this and being able to pray with him is what keeps me going. Lets me know that I am in the center of God's will - helping to develop the future church and God's kingdom. It may not pay $$ but it's rewards will be out of this world.


  1. Make everything worth it all... praying for you my friend:)

  2. This was beautiful.. so true... A stay at home mother is a real job. Most rather go to work and someone else raise their children, but no one can do it like their own mother. Your doing a great job!! May God richly bless you and your children for His glory!!


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