Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring is Springing at last

This winter ended up being a flop. It never could make up it's mind whether to be cold or warm. The kids only had one or two snow days.  Really now, what kind of winter is that? :) Might-as-well chock that one up to a loss and move on to the next season. Spring came March 20th according to the calendar, I'm finally getting convinced of it :)

The beginning of this week the farmers started plowing and oh, the wonderful smell of fresh dirt that assailed the nostrils.  Not to mention the fresh manure being sprayed on as well.  What an awesome combination to this country girl.

78* had us outside and releasing some of our built-up cabin fever. The previous weekend Reuben edged the flower bed around the entire house, running out of time to do anything with the edging. So I took advantage of the perfect weather and got rid of the edging, pruned all the dead on the rose bushes, and got rid of a bunch of weeds. HOORAY!

This part of the bed and all around the front of the house are now ready for fresh mulch.  It sure feels good after a long, drawn out winter to get back outside and get my hands dirty.
My secret sister from church gave me these 3 Primrose for Resurrection Sunday and I got those planted this week.  Thank you "sister" who ever you may be :)  I haven't had Primrose since New York.  I was thrilled to get some again.
Our part of the world is once again turning green!! So glad I don't live out west where they just got 3 feet of snow dumped on them.

Vacation and a current decision hanging in the air has left me with "not much to blog about".  Maybe now with the outdoors once again being livable I will post more on here.
We are going to good ole' Pennsylvania to do some trout fishing this weekend.  As natives of that grand state we are itching to do what hundreds of Pennsylvanians do every year in April.  Stand shoulder to shoulder along the banks of bubbling creeks and cast our lines to the stocked trout. And hope we get lucky and find a Brooky while we are at it.  I plan to take the camera along and get some pictures.  

Until then have a great rest of the week and weekend to come!!

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