Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Junkin More Loot :)

It dawned on me this evening that I haven't posted any of my latest yard sale bargains on here. Some might think it odd that I even write this stuff, but I always get excited when I see what other people find at great bargains. So if you aren't like me and don't care I'll forgive you :) 

This pile is some of the things I found today. Our local school hosted their annual community yard sale and we made it a family outing. Yep, we are awesome like that :P  The sun was scorching hot and sale was in the parking lot so you can just imagine the sweat and fun we had.  But it was worth it!!
I paid $1 for this. It had it's original price tag on the back which was $16.00. It's pretty and it's exactly what I have in mind for future use but I cannot image ever paying $16.00. I'm glad someone else did cause it saved me :)
My patriotic sentiments exactly. Love the rusty star dangling inside the cutout. $1.00
I have a thing for stars. This looks twiggy but it metal. $1.00
Heritage Lace curtains for my future project. 2 of them $5.00.
A galvanized milk bucket. Don't ya just love it?  I DO!!! $1.00
Unless you are into shabby, chippy you might not appreciate this beauty. I was totally excited when I saw this. $2.00  Future project :)
An up-close look at some of the detail. It makes my heart go pitter-patter. haha
Probably the biggest find of the day was a foose ball table that is also an air hockey table for $25.00. We have all been having fun with the air hockey - I even managed to beat Mr. Z a couple of times. Although he'd probably say I was cheating :P
The day was fun and very productive. I really need to find a bigger house soon though I'm running out of room :P Have a great night and I trust tomorrow finds you in the Lord's house with expectancy.

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  1. You got some wonderful finds....doesn't it just make your day? I know it does the trick for me. We had a community yard sale sat. past and it was so much fun. Your lace and picture of the lavendar is sooo special. Good for you!


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