Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pink Fishing Rod &

"To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment"
Jane Austin

The kids have all gone to bed at 8o'clock since they were babies. Some have thought me crazy, but I say parent's sanity and a happy marriage is more important than kiddies having no rules in their life. Mr. Z and I love our evenings today-its bonding time.  We don't even have to be saying much to each other, simply sitting in the same room, just being together with NO interruptions is enough for us.
When he's gone during the week I bond with Pinterest. haha I love that site. It's like having an endless magazine of nothing but pictures (no ads). I usually scroll down through my news-feed and then I'm off for some gardening and home decor inspiration (my favorites).

While putting the mower away this evening I noticed that our big rose bush is budding. Of course I had to grab my camera :) Can you smell them?! Hmm so good!!
I need to spray them-bugs are having a festival on the leaves.

My favorite lawn chair is the Adirondack chair. Not only is it country classy looking but it is comfy. You sit down, you lean back, close your eyes, & wish you could sleep. :)
Mr. Z has been saying (or did I ask) he was going to make me some. WELL!! When I saw these at Walmart for less price than the wood would cost I said forget that idea and loaded 2 onto my cart. We vacationed several moons ago on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks of New York. They had these chairs everywhere and that is when I feel in love. I've been wanting one ever since. I'm happy happy!!

Today while talking with my best friend aka Mr. Z on the telephone my oldest comes carrying a big box into the house. I inform Mr. Z his big box arrived and he anxiously tells me to OPEN it :) This is what was inside. 
"It's for you" he says. Just because!! What a guy!!
Now I have NO excuse not to go fishing with him :) How could I not with a rod like this! He knows how to make his girl smile :) :)

That's all for tonight. Hope you have found some time to put your feet up and relax. 
Enjoy life, its not all about work and stress. Work has it's place, but make sure that's not all you do especially if you have a family that needs loved on.




  1. Hi Suzanna,
    You are so right, it's important that people get their kids into bed early so they can have some quiet time together. Your chairs look very comfy, I have always wanted some of those.
    And how fun to get a PINK fishing pole!!!
    Yes, I did make my own slipcovers, I will need to do it again soon. I made those out of drop cloths and you must finish off the seams with a zigzag and with a good sized seam allowance, or else they will come apart in the wash.
    If you want to make your own slip covers, go to
    and you'll find lots of tutorials.
    I hope this helps.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. Thanks Cindy for replying to my question. This stuff scares me cause I'm not a seamstress. haha I will have to look into this link. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I don't have kids yet... but I agree with you about the kids in bed so you can enjoy some quiet time.:) That is so sweet about the fishing rod!! I can't stand to touch fish or be anywhere near them.... but the thought is sweet!! I can hunt pretty much whenever and get my hands bloody, but I can't do fish.:( LOL

    1. At first I was having a hard time even thinking of you as hunting and then I remembered where you grew up. :) Makes sense. I don't mind the fish I just enjoy my peace and quiet at home when he goes fishing cause he usually takes all the boys with him. I try to go every now and then to make him happy :)


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