Monday, September 1, 2014

O Dear...

Here it is September and I have missed a few weeks in blog land. Thanks to a computer that won't even turn on. I'm tapping away here, 1 finger at a time using my phone. Horror  Thus the reason for my silence. Blogging is no fun under these painful conditions. :-) Not to mention a lack of pictures and well you know me, the visually oriented writer.  Ha! Maybe that's why I have a hard time staying focused on my book writing. It's a novel not a picture book.  I know I know I'm pretty pathetic. :-)

In other news, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my mommy last month. Man! Last month?! How is it possible I can already say that. Didn't we just put our snow shovels away last week? The summer is crazy gone. The kids are back in school. Now that I'm not complaining. Especially on the days when it's just me and girly at home. Besides that positive I'm not ready for summer and all my beautiful flowers to end. Sniff sniff

Speaking of school, this year a rather special to me. The girl that became my best friend in 4th grade is now sending her kids to our school. And 1 of her boys is in the same class as mine(5th grade).  We've come full circle in life. Our lives separated for several years due to me living far far away.  It might not always be this way, but I'm thankful that in this chapter of life God has allowed our lives to mesh one more time.

 Not sure how much you will hear from me via blog land while the comp-u-tater is broke. Sitting here tapping with 1 finger is not very inspiring :-) So until next time I trust this month is a good one and that you will find Jesus to be your everything.

Good Night!!

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  1. Yes, I really enjoyed getting to see Julie (and you-sorry I didn't get to say hi!) again at church on Sun. We used to do stuff together in college and she was/is always fun to be around! Sharon


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