Monday, May 13, 2013

Spoiled Rotten

My brothers used to cry the blues that I was spoiled, being the only girl, there may have been a measure of truth to their crying but I doubt it. haha  But I'm beginning to think that in my adult life its true now. :) I am married to an amazing guy who is setting a very good example to our children on how to treat their future spouse with love and respect.  Albeit, sometimes in an ornery way. Those of who know Mr. Z would expect nothing less. haha
Mr. Z ever so sweetly asked me Saturday if I had ever told him yet what I wanted for Mother's Day. And I ever so sweetly reminded him I did. :)  I came right out and told him like a big girl I wanted a certain book. There was none of this, I don't know (hoping he reads my mind). I knowing that it might be difficult for him to purchase it since it can't be found at Walmart :P went ahead and purchased the book. Making things "easy" for him ;)  Would you know he forgot all about that book. haha

I was perfectly okay with him not getting me anything cause I had bought the book for him and gave it to myself before Mother's Day got here. So I was NOT expecting anything.  You guessed it, his ornery self had gifts hid in his vehicle the whole time (gonna have to keep an eye on that place).  Sunday morning as I come out of the bedroom from getting ready for church he calls all kids present and presents me with the hottest looking gift bag ever ;)

Inside was neatly folded, 2 skirts - dressy black, and jean, a Kitchen-Aide pairing knife, and purple measuring cups.  I was shocked and proud of him all at the same time. He knows my love for pretty gift bags, not stuffed-into-Walmart bags. This was all so much better than a book :)

The roses were given Friday as a throw-off to the real deal :)

I sure do love that guy!!

And the 4 munchkins who came to live with us and make our family complete.

Lucas' teacher helped him make this tissue paper flower bouquet and the card to give to me. He was proud as can be when he gave it me.
Ryan's teacher helped him make this card and she took 2 pictures of each student to give to their moms. They are hanging on my frig for now. After we move one of them at least will get put into a frame.

My family has spoiled me rotten this weekend in showering me with their demonstrations of love in the form of gifts, grilled fish for Sunday lunch, cards, hugs, kisses, and lots of "Happy Mommies Day".  It's been a beautiful reminder that I am a very blessed girl. God has been good to me even though I don't deserve it.  I pray I can demonstrate back to my family genuine, agape love all year long.


  1. Oh I love this beautiful post of love and blessings. You are so loved by your family and their gifts so thoughtful. Love the jean skirts and those gorgeous tissue flowers are precious.
    So glad you enjoyed the perfect Mother's Day.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my makeover.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. I am happy to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments and the flower you asked about is a bulb called snakehead Fritillary.They are easy to grow and spread slowly.

    Take care,


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