Monday, May 20, 2013

Yard sale Jackpot & A Little R&R

Since Mr. Z., likes to wander part of the country for his job which causes him to be gone Mon-Thurs., the weekend is spent enjoying time as a family.  A couple years ago he stumbled upon this place while hunting. It's become one of my favorite places to go to - away from people, away from vehicle noise; only us and nature.  

The walk there is incredible. Through deep forest and mud holes we wander :) accompanied by the smell of honeysuckle. 

Little pops of color are everywhere.

Take a moment and sit with me here.
Close your eyes to the sun warming your face and listen to the music of nature - birds, frogs, running water, the occasional slap at a mosquito :).  Strain your ears - nothing. Only the sound of nature. That's what it is like at this bench tucked away from every day life. This place now holds bitter sweetness for me. Mr. Z. knows how much I love it here and this is where he brought me the day my second brother died. Away from distractions, just me and him, to sit and quietly think in the comfort of each other's company. 

Late Saturday morning while Mr. Z. went off to decrease the Wall-eye population in Lake Erie I went off to decrease the wares of yard sellers. This was my first find. A brand new chair for $10.00. All that was wrong with it was a bolt missing in the one arm and a little chip in the front. I've already fixed the arm and a little stain on the chipped area will have this beauty all fixed.  The lady had never used it, some of it's plastic wrap was still on it.
An up-close look of the beautiful scrolling at the top. I didn't notice until I had it sitting in the dining room, it matches my hutch perfectly. Now that really makes me smile. 
(old picture)

I got this nice, strong paper towel holder for $1.00. 

I paid .50 for this creamer pitcher. I think it would feel right at home in a "farmhouse" kitchen :)

Who can pass up a new-with Hobby Lobby tags for .75. Lots of uses and places come to mind with this cute basket.

I love shelves. Unique ones like this usually cost a pretty penny or should I say lots of dollars.  I got it for $5.00. It is very versatile with my decor. But I think I'll put it in the cowboy room. Or will I?? :P

This is one of my favorite finds. A genuine Daisy Kingdom dress. I checked on eBay and learned that it retails for $62.00. I paid $5.00.

The Scotty dog print. It's a size 4 so it will be a little while before Katie Rose can wear it. I'm pleased as pie to have found it for such a bargain.

Being very partial toward Arizona, I couldn't pass up this vintage looking plate .75.
What I didn't want and discovered in my bag after I'd gotten back home. WHAT!! Can anyone even tell me what the words are at the bottom. I think was suckered into some cigars and tobacco :P  I wonder if I paid for this ugly thing, or did they want to get rid of it so bad they waited till I was hollering at my kids to sneak it into the bag. Crazy people!! :) :)

Well that's it for this time. It was a good, productive weekend as far as resting and spending money goes :) Mr. Z. did have good success at Lake Erie and we enjoyed another Sunday lunch of fish. Can't go wrong there!!  The count down is on for the end of school - only 6 days left!!!  Hooray!!!  Have a good week y'all. 

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  1. Beautiful outdoor photos! It looks like you found some great pickins, too. A perfect weekend. :)
    Farmhouse hugs,


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